Friday, April 03, 2009


This whole week we've been having beautiful, warm, sunny weather. The birds are going nuts, there are flowers all over the place, and you can see buds and leaves forming on the trees. Yeah! Unfortunately my second stage of pre-graduation (I hope) hibernation is about to begin as time is very short before my thesis defense and final exam. When I come back out, spring will be all over!

This weather was a special bonus for us Wednesday, as Damon took the day off for his birthday. We did whatever he wanted to do, starting with lunch at a new falafel place near the Jesuitenkirche. It's right where there used to be a sex shop, which was kind of a landmark because, well, it was an interesting contrast with the church. The place was doing great business, really friendly, and has free tea for everybody! He wanted a new wallet and jeans for his birthday, so we went shopping for those. We never ventured into the men's jeans section at Galeria Kaufhof before. It was funny to see brands like Lee and Wrangler priced at 80 EUR a pop. Let this serve as a reminder that European things sold in the US are not expensive because they are fancy, they are expensive because they are imported. The way this works the other way around makes that clear! I also got a laugh out of a men's shirt i saw on the sale rack that said in giant, bold letters, BLOCK OF THE ROCK. hehe, what!? We also got ice cream and had dinner at Dorfschaenke in Neuenheim, which I've already gone on about here a few times. Yum!

So, I'm hoping to do a sort of Heidelberg spring watch by taking almost-daily pictures from about the same spot showing the hills turning green! They're still brown at the moment:

Those trees across the river on the right look a little green, though! It's misty here a lot but hopefully we'll be able to see the change anyway.


  1. Spring and summer in Germany were awesome. We moved back to the U.S. in April last year and missed out on it all so enjoy :)

    (I especially loved the shade of the hills in early spring ... that really vibrant, almost electric green. So so pretty)


  2. I cannot believe how beautiful it is. I swear it was all brown and dead yesterday and today everything is blooming. It is amazing. We have a pink flowering tree out one window and a green flowering tree out another. I love it.
    Happy belated b-day to Damon!

  3. typically i go "home" to england for a month just as the heidelberg weather improves! Alas England is still mostly dreary.

    I want so badly to see how beautiful those hills look when they're all green in the spring, I can normally see them from my livingroom window.

  4. Lunch sounds great - and I know exactly which church you're talking about :) - I posted a picture of it about a year ago.

    I am a complete html idiot, though, so I can't put in the link.

    Just found your comment over at my blog - I will get right on that!

  5. Jen: I agree, all the springs have been really nice here! :)

    MIHH: It really seems so sudden, doesn't it?

    Satakieli: Hopefully the weather in England will be good too :)

    Ann: Nice pic! And now it doesn't look like that anymore, so good thing you got it then! :)

    Mike B: Same to you!

  6. If you want to save some on Jeans, there's an Outlet Store in Rohrbach-Süd, behind Möbel Breitwieser.

    Though Wrangler and Lee are still 50 to 60 Euro a pop there.


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