Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Food Writing Can Be So Lame

I was digging through our giant stash of clipped recipes the other day and came upon this bit o' lameness from a recipe for "Bistro Pizza" from Veggie Life magazine (it's true, I was a vegetarian for a while):

"If you've ordered a pizza in Europe, you were probably startled when it came to the table with a whole egg plopped right in the center. After the initial shock, you probably also came to admire the downright perkiness of it, as well as the flavor."

Huh? I've ordered plenty of pizzas in Europe (you's all the same....Lithuania, Italy, Ireland, Portugal, Germany, Sweden, Serbia....), and it only had an egg on it if I intentionally ordered a pizza that comes with egg on it. (In my case, Capricciosa pizza in Italy.) So, no extreme shock to overcome. And it was actually half a hard-boiled egg, not a whole egg plopped in the center. Also, an egg cannot be "perky" unless it's been painted with something perky on it. So if you ever wonder why my food posts are not very interesting, it's because I can't deal with the pretension of what's considered good food writing.

By the way, it's still spring!:

I'm going to put all the Spring Watch photos in this album too, if you want to look through them more easily:
Heidelberg Spring Watch Apr 09


  1. I think the Perky Egg Surprise is more likely to happen in the Tuscany region of Italy. They have the "quattro stagioni" (or: four seasons) pizza, one of the seasons is represented by an egg, usually sunny side up. Some may find it gross, but I thought it was really tasty!

  2. Hmm...could one speculate that perhaps Veggie Life does not represent the pinnacle of good food writing? Perky eggs, indeed!

  3. Bleck to pretentiousness. Its good writing if you just write like you see it. Different perspectives is what makes it interesting.

  4. Michelle: I definitely believe that this pizza exists somewhere in Europe, but to say anyone who's been to Europe and had pizza had this happen is a wee bit over the top. ;) It does sound tasty.

    Jen: If you do find the pinnacle please direct me to it, I do love food, only the writing gets to me!

    Techy: Sure, I guess one man's 'perky' can be another man's 'mmmmm, egg' :D


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