Saturday, April 11, 2009

Facebook says: On the inside, I'm really a German.

I took a silly Facebook quiz today that one of my other friends had taken. It was to find out what your inner nationality is. My friend got American and that's what I expected to get, too. I spend a lot of time here witnessing my Americanness in contrast with German society, so it's always on my mind. Instead, I got German! Have I been assimilated? :D

This beautiful weather has come with a price: allergies!! I dug out my stash of soft American tissues. This was a mistake - now the German tissues feel rougher than ever!

Note the boat in the foreground of the photo - you can rent either a pedalboat or a little motorized boat near the bridge that crosses the river near the Bismarckplatz, on the Neuenheim side. It looks like they have more motorboats this year than before, for everyone who's already experienced a pedalboat and knows that it's hell. :)


  1. LOL! Me too! Guess it's a good thing we live in Germany then. I disagree with the rarely smiling thing though. I smile a lot.

  2. I'm surprised that you prefer American tissues. I think the German ones rock. But I don't have to use them all that often as my allergies (which were severe - ask Cliff) have disappeared since we moved to Germany.

  3. Sara: Arrrgh! Srsly though, as much as I think about how I might not fit in here, the truth is that I don't really fit in the US that much either. No one completely fits in anywhere, do they? (Please tell me that's the case, and it's not that I'm just some kind of outlier.)

    MIHH: I feel like I'm always smiling too! Is it only because I live here that I feel that way? hmm

    Sarah: I could do a whole post on paper products, US v. Germany! I find the German tissues are sturdier but too harsh. I get cold sores on my nose if it starts to get irritated by constant nose-blowing. That irritation level is reached after about 1 day of allergies with German tissues. But with the super-soft Puffs Ultra (or whatever they are called) I can get through several days cold-sore-free!

  4. Ich kann dir nur Taschent├╝cher von Tempo mit Aloe Vera empfehlen. Das sind die Tempos, deren Verpackung auch etwas gelb ist. Die nehme ich immer, wenn ich Schnupfen habe, weil sie wirklich sehr weich sind.


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