Thursday, March 19, 2009

We haven't had Tidbits in a while!


So here are some.

* Normally there would soon be narcissus blooming all over the north bank of the Neckar across from the Altstadt. But, this year that area is all torn up while they put in some new bench-like things on the slope between the road and the water. Previously it was just a grassy (and sometimes flowery) slope, with the path at the waterside and some normal benches places sporadically along the path. These new ones look very corporate-plaza-in-downtown-Anylifelesscity-USA to me. I'm not sure why they chose this style as it's not in line with its surroundings. It would fit in near Neuenheimer Feld, where things are more modern, but they clash with the Old Bridge and the Altstadt.

* The 21st (this Saturday) is the Lange Nacht der Museen (long night of the museums) here in Heidelberg, Mannheim, and Ludwigshafen. You can buy tickets at participating museums (basically, any museum in these towns). We're going to miss it this year because of a conflicting party, but it's fun so you should try it if you haven't before!

* Last week I met up with Mom in High Heels for lunch! She is really awesome and full of goood stories about her son, her various stints here in Germany, and life here from the military perspective, which until recently I haven't known very much about. We are the only two Americans in Germany that I know of who think corn on pizza and corn on salad are great ideas. Also, she was so sweet and brought us goodies from the commissary, including Oreos and brownie mix!! That stuff is sold there at American prices, if you can believe it. (I don't know how, since it does have to be imported.)

* Tonight we prepared the marinade for AmiExpat's Sauerbraten challenge for next Monday. People, it's RANK in here.

* I've recently become aware that there are some fellow bird nerds in the readership. :) Did you know the government needs some help putting bird migration data into a database? You can volunteer to do it yourself at home, much like all the people running SETI searches from their computers at home. The possibility for data entry errors with all those volunteers makes my data geek head spin, but it's certainly better than the data never getting into a database at all.

* New Dan Deacon is coming out on March 24! Come on, I know someone out there cares. The first song's been floating around out there, here you can hear it on YouTube:


  1. Yea for corn on pizza and salads! I hope you guys are enjoying the Oreos. I saw a tiny pack of them in Kaufhauf the other day for TWICE what I paid for that big pack. They are at American prices because they are shipped over via military transport, so there are no extra import fees.
    I miss the flowers along the river and agree that the benches do not fit with the style.

  2. Ha! Just got back from the commissary and the have Oreos on sale for .99! Can you believe it?

  3. Corn on salad, great. Corn on Pizza, gross. Sorry, just one guy's opinion.

    We have the Oreos in Rewe, but at German prices. I've taken to eating the chocolate covered ones, as if they didn't already have enough calories.

    Do you think Mom in High Heels might help us score a Butterball Turkey next fall. The Partnerin has learned to love them, but we lost our Commissary connection a couple years ago.

    Do they have Tab in the Commissary? Just curious. Goes great with chocolate-covered Oreos.

    One curious thing about the data entry ... is the risk of errors greater or lesser when the processing is spread across a greater group of people? Intuition would suggest greater, which supports your cringing, but still I must wonder.

  4. MIHH: Wow! That's the price for about 1 Oreo out here. ;)

    Mike: Can you get the chocolate covered Oreos here, or do you make them yourself?
    I think there'd be far more data problems with a great number of people doing entry, not just from errors but from differences in interpretation/coding, although this data probably is already coded and they just need to be able to read it, so it might not be so bad. Also you could have jokers messing it up. I guess they probably have a quality control process for the data anyway, hopefully they can at least afford that!

  5. Rewe has the chocolate covered Oreos ... I think the price is in the range of EUR 2.90

  6. The benches aren't really that bad. The Altstadt side of the Neckar will be changed too in the next decade, after all (after the tunnel to replace that road along the river there is built).

    I think they're adding in these benches to create some "stepped" effect on the north side, since the south side of the river will receive a "stepped" look too.

  7. Kato: They are seriously going to build that tunnel!? Is it just me or is that completely insane?! I lived in Boston during the "Big Dig" - turn back now Heidelberg, while there is still time!
    I don't like the "steps to water" look, it's very 70s-urban-planning to me.

  8. Sure. The ground survey just finished last week. At least they're not sinking 15 billion dollar into it like in Boston, only about 200 million including the new surface design.

    And as for 70s... both sides are still stuck in the 50s, design-wise. It's a 20-year leap ahead! ;-)

  9. Hehe, good point about the decades! :D

    The Big Dig's estimated budget was only 3 billion or so. It ended up 5 times as much, so it's possible Heidelberg's Big Dig will come to 1 billion in the end! ;)

  10. i got my dan deacon CD and toolbox!! YAY THANK YOU! dude i love the CD. i was listening to it while i was waiting for comcast - and since they never came i think it kept me from killing someone.


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