Saturday, March 28, 2009

They fixed our Rewe!

Our closest "large" (read: not that large) grocery store, the Rewe in Das Carre in the Adenauerplatz, closed down for renovations about a month ago. This sucked. There are an Aldi, Lidl, and Penny conveniently located, and there are some small grocery stores in the Altstadt and a small one in the basement of Galeria Kaufhof in the Bismarckplatz, but most of these have shorter hours and more limited selections. Actually, our Rewe wasn't that great either. Most Rewes, like the one I always went to near class in Mainz or the one in Handschuhsheim that everyone's always recommending to us, are pretty alright. This one was kind of a crowded dump.

We have the same problem with grocery stores here that we had in Boston: namely, for the carless, it's not easy to get to one with a really big selection. We pretty much always need to shop in multiple locations. Here there's the additional problem that the produce at grocery stores doesn't seem to be that good. What you can get at the market is great, but that is only twice per week. Sometimes smaller produce stores have better stuff and bigger varieties. I can't think of a single store where we can get every food item we usually need. People are always telling us "oh, you can get X at ___(insert name of store here that requires a bus/Strassenbahn/bike trip to get to)___". This was always a problem in Boston too. And Chicago, come to think of it. It's nice to have a good store you can just run to when you think of a meal plan later in the day - trips out to the outskirts to the Giant Kaufland require planning. Unfortunately, planning is not my forte, heh.

Anyway, our Rewe reopened a couple of days ago and it's much nicer now! The selection is still not exactly amazing (can anyone tell me, is frozen corn sold in Germany? It isn't at that Rewe), but if nothing else, it's at least more well-organized, easier to get around with better traffic patterns, and the checkout is bigger. I think the produce section grew, too. They added a frozen section where the food is on shelves instead of in those trunk-like freezers - much easier to find things. Now let's just hope they improved in the meat section and manage to keep enough chicken breasts in stock (always a problem for some reason)! There have been other changes in Das Carre, too. The Italian restaurant/Eis joint that was next to Rewe is gone, with a bakery/cafe sort of thing in its place. The clothing store that used to be across from the Eis place is also gone, and the Turkish market next to it has expanded into that space. The Thai restaurant in there has cleaned up a bit too, with new furniture and signs, but the food still isn't that great. (It always smells freaking awesome, though.)

Now they just need to fix the intersection outside Das Carre, what a disaster that thing is....


  1. I've never seen frozen corn in Germany. Then again, I've never felt an urge to look for it.. :-)

    Our Rewe is cool because it's open unti 10 pm, even on Saturdays. It's still only a 90% solution though. There are certain necessities (like apple rice pudding) we can only find elsewhere.

  2. That's funny, I don't think I've ever seen frozen corn either. What's up with that? Corn on the pizza, but not in stores? Weird.
    Our Rewe is actually not too bad. It's pretty big compared to other Rewe's I've been in. I'm glad yours reopened. It's too bad you can't get to the Famila Center near Leimen. That is a HUGE grocery store. And best of all (for me) is that they take debit/credit cards. I hate having to have the right amount of cash. It's so limiting. If you ever get the urge to explore take the stras 23 or 24 and get off at Rohrbacher Sud. Famila is across the 4 lane.
    Now I'm going to be on the lookout for frozen corn!

  3. Famila has always been damn pricy, like 10-20% above other chains' prices for anything.
    Their mall there also was far better before they renovated it two or three years ago. And i hate that you have to go across the street for their shoddy beverage shop.

    From my memory, there are 5 Rewes in Heidelberg right now:
    - at Adenauerplatz (yours)
    - at Maaß-Str in Wieblingen (Bus 34, right behind Finanzamt)
    - near Ilse-Krall-Str station, Kirchheim (150m)
    - near Rohrbach Markt station (200m)
    - near H'Heim Nord station (200m)

    Plus a Rewe Nahkauf somewhere in the middle of Neuenheim (close to St Elisabeth?)

    The two in Rohrbach and Kirchheim will close next year or so, and a new one (same size as the one in H'Heim) will be built in the middle. The one near the Finanzamt is somewhat bigger than the one at Adenauerplatz.

    If you want a big store other than Famila... there's a Real a mere 200m from Edingen Neu-Edingen/Gewerbegebiet station on line 5. And a ("medium") Marktkauf next to Weinheim Pilgerhaus station, same line.
    A Marktkauf in Mannheim on line 5 at Exerzierplatz station... a Famila on line 5 near Weinheim Händelstraße... Kaufland at Stadtwerke on line 5... erm, yes. Grocery shopping tram?

  4. Oh, and the Rewe in Schriesheim Süd (mid-sized) is also pretty close to the tram station (on line 5 of course).

  5. I just had to comment. My verification word is "balls." Queue junior high laugh. heheh.

  6. This could interest you:

  7. I don't remember seing frozen corn in Germany either, but I think you can find corn in cans, that are just store in the cooking water, so no preservative of some kind. but then I know you can find that in France, not sure if you can in Germany! Well I guess you could also do some "autostop" and get to France to get corn, no?? ;-)

  8. PapaScott: Apple rice pudding? Is this a staple? :)

    MIHH: Let me know if you see any! :)

    Kato: What is Nahkauf, is that like a mini-Rewe? We have been to someplace small called Nah & Gut somewhere in Neuenheim.

    Damon: Tee hee! I have an even more juvenile post coming up.

    Michael: That's a fun site! For some reason our Rewe isn't even on it. However I like how it perfectly demonstrates that all supermarkets, save the Kaufland (former Handelshof) near the Hbf, are outside the center.

    Anne: We got the canned can for our recipe. :) Still, to me it doesn't taste the same! (But it worked!)

  9. I try to buy my veggies from a good Turkish store...always cheaper and the black olives, I am addicted to them. For some reason, Graf does not have Gotta drive all the way to Weiden.

  10. Yeah, Nahkauf is like a small grocery shop which gets Rewe "merchandise" ("Ja!" brand and so on).

    "Nah & Gut" is an Edeka/Schwarz Empire branch though.

    > all supermarkets, save the Kaufland near the Hbf, are outside the center.

    There's Penny in Plöck, Penny and Füllhorn (Bio) in Bahnhofstr, Aldi in Poststr, Lidl in Brückenstr, Plus and Edeka in northern Rohrbacherstr, Alnatura and Fair&Quer (both Bio) in Bergheimerstr, Rewe in the Carre, Edeka in the basement of Kaufhof. And a couple of non-brand small grocery stores (mostly Turkish) around Eastern Bergheim. All within 10 minutes walking from Bismarckplatz. It's not like there's nothing :-)

  11. I had to come back to this post, because we went to Alnatura today and I looked for frozen corn. They had it! Hope that helps :o)

  12. I think I saw frozen corn in a Bofrost catalog in Hamburg, if that helps. There was something else I was going to comment on but I forgot.


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