Monday, March 09, 2009 is lame

The place we wanted to stay in Edinburgh turns out to have no room. I guess I waited a little too long - but didn't want to let concerns about how long we wanted to stay etc. get me all distracted from my thesis. So, I turned to and did a search. Am I missing something, or is this search a completely useless piece of crap? I got search results here - there are three with "detailed" information that come up on the first page. These "details" do not include anything about where the place is actually located. So it could be right in the city center or 15 miles out in the country for all I know. Not. Helpful. But hey, that's better than the rest of the search results, which are merely a list of the name and city of all the other B&Bs that didn't get to be on the three-B&B "detailed" list. Wow!! The name tells me so much! How about price? Location? Price and location? Almost the two only things that really matter? Also, I can't find any place to sort them by nearness to center or price. I can sort them by name though! Oh boy! If I already knew the name of the place where I wanted to stay, I wouldn't be using a B&B search engine.


Please, if you can recommend a good place to search for a B&B in Edinburgh - or even better, if you can personally recommend a cheap, well-located one - please let me know!


  1. When Michelle and I were in Edinburgh, we stayed in a hostel, and it was really pretty nice. It had bunk beds and all, but there were real mattresses and springs unlike the Czech Republic. It was also within walking distance to the old town, and it wasn't too far off the bus route.

    I think the Great Britain hostels were why we figured it would be alright to go with a hostel in Prague.

  2. I have some friends in Edinburgh. I will ask them if they have any recs!

  3. I was just about to say what Nate said! Our hostel in Edinburgh was a private room with a bathroom, and it was perfect! I wish I could remember the name of it, though, it's been a few years...

    Have you tried looking on (you can specify hotel or B&B) or (has some of the "lesser known/populated hostels")?

    LOVE Edinburgh, I'm jealous!!
    : )

  4. did you already checked here?
    good luck, let us know what you find! Sorry that's the only thing that I could come up, never stayed anywhere close to Edinburgh.

  5. When I was on tour there last year, we staying in the university housing, very near the amazing Scottish Parliament building.. it was very clean and perfectly adequate.
    It may be that they only offer that during semester breaks, but you could try.

  6. I'm confused. I went to (to see how lame it was), typed in Edinburgh and got a list of b&b's and all have maps that show where they are located, links to their websites and prices. Am I maybe at a different site?

  7. Thanks for the suggestions, everyone! We ended up finding a "guest house" accomodation that looked close and okay. Not as cheap as the room we missed out on - I should have just done it earlier.

    Now I need a suggestion of a good search site for the rest of our Scotland bookings. When we went to Ireland we found the really great site and had no problems at all, but I just haven't found one that seems as promising yet for Scotland. Also, good grief, this is going to be an expensive trip. :|

    High Heels, is this the one?:
    There's a map, but only five places marked in the whole city, then only three "full" listings below, followed by a list of all the rest with no info about them. I could just be site illiterate on this one though ;) If you figure it out please let me know!

  8.'s twitter account saw this post on my twitter and had this to say:

    bandb_com@nightfloat I read your blog post and feel your pain! The good news is, we're working non-stop to increase our int'l listings. Good luck

    So there ya go.

  9. We've had good luck using TripAdvisor to choose B&Bs in Ireland; I'd assume they'd have some good recs and info for Edinburgh, too.


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