Monday, March 30, 2009

AmiExpat's Pharisaeer Challenge!

This week Christina at AmiExpat gave us a super-easy challenge as a break between last week's super-intense Sauerbraten and next week's crazy Kalbshaxn (requested by my own husband, so we have to do it...thanks a lot, dear!!).

Essentially, the Pharisaeer is just coffee with rum, cream, and sugar to taste. It comes from the cold North Sea region. We have no mixer so the cream had to be whipped by hand, which was the only really crappy part. We made them Saturday afternoon after coming in from grocery shopping.

I actually don't drink coffee at all, so we made mine with black tea, and that was just fine too. Damon liked his so much he had another one on Sunday afternoon. I felt a little off on Saturday night* and thought it might be due to the tea (I usually only drink herbal tea, no caffeine) so instead, I had hot lime with rum (lime + water + sugar + rum) on Sunday. :)

*This may also be due to a little incident on Wednesday evening wherein I mistakenly downed a gulp or two of dilute hydrogen peroxide - looks and smells juuuust like water. The worst effects were over by the next day, but I've been feeling a little ill here and there since then too. Maybe it's related.


  1. good to know that it works for tea also!

  2. I never would have thought of trying it with tea. Hope you fully recover from feeling off soon.

  3. Would have never thought of doing it with tea either. Thanks for the tip, girl. Hope you feel better soon.


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