Thursday, February 05, 2009

Songs About Your Hometown

Well, the Kraut conversation was enlightening. Back to musical interludes while I try to put this nightmare of a Master's degree behind me!

A song for every place I've called home - it's a fun exercise, try it if you're looking for blog filler, I would love to see what people come up with.






  1. In the 1986 version of Babes in Toyland, Keanu Reaves and Drew Barrymore sing an ode to Cincinnati ( It is awesomely bad.

  2. So you mentioned the mojitos at Acht Grad and at Hemingway’s...we haven't been to either place, but it might be worth checking out if your reviews of the places are good. What's the verdict?

  3. K.Rae, you're Ohioan? For more awesomely bad (or actually maybe just awesome?), look up Dan Deacon's "Ohio" on the radio show version!

    Sarah, I left a message on your blog. :)

    Deutlich, yay :D

  4. Thanks...after the refresher on Hemingways, I realized that we had stopped there once. We had a mediocre experience. The waitress didn't seem pleased to have an American table and pretended like she didn't understand me when I attempted to order my water in German. (Which frustrated me, because I was still very new here and was doing my best to speak the little German I know)

    Anyway, it would be worth going back to try the mojito, and thanks for the tips on the other places! Most often you can just find us going to the Kaffeehaus in Schwetzingen (love love love it there).


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