Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Nelly on Europe

Every year a friend of mine gives me a "Stupidest Things Ever Said" calendar for my birthday. Here's today's entry from the calendar:

On Yeah, Go Figure:

"I could turn on just about any television channel in Europe and see full nudity. And their crime rate is a lot lower than ours. Go figure."

-rapper Nelly


  1. Profound. Nudity on TV=low crime rate. Who knew?

  2. I for one have started committing many fewer crimes now that I can see titties on TV.

  3. Well, I can see a connection. A lot of people believe that nudity on TV is suggestive. I just read that young kids find porn everywhere, especially on the internet and that they think raw and rough sex is normal. That it is normal to take what they want and specialists believe that the crime rate (as in rape) is to go up. Maybe that is what he was referring to. But than again, this is Nelly we are talking about.


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