Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Fasching in Thesisland (with special French cookie bonus)

I'm missing out today; sitting in front of my computer. The lack of time for my blog is apparently hurting it; I lost two followers over the last few days!

To replace what would have been a story about going somewhere this year to celebrate Fasching (Rottweil was on the list), here's a blast from the past ones, when the man wasn't getting me down. ;)

Narrenfest in Endingen, January 2007

Fasching in Heidelberg, February 2007

And some pictures from Heidelberg's parade in 2008, which I apparently never got around to blogging! (It's just as well, most of the photos didn't turn out because of the drunks in front of us making it difficult!)

While I was digging up those photos, I came across another one I meant to blog and never did. We bought these cookies in France:Check out the bubble-gum-loving Statue of Liberty, and that they're all countries, except Africa, which is of course all the same. And now we know where that fancy French food comes from - a can! ;)


  1. hahaha where are the photos of me being incredibly grumpy?!

  2. Hey, I went to the Fasching parade in downtown today! It was so much fun. We stood near the Bizmarkplatz and it was great. There was a Polizei standing in front of us and everyone kept trying to give him stuff. He, in turn, gave it all to Indy. Tons of fun! Sorry you missed it.

  3. You didn't miss it, it was just like every year. People seeing how much beer they could consume before the parade ends and how drunk they could get, being pelted with candy, etc.

    Cool cookies!

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  5. I was supposed to have my first ever Faschings experience today, but I woke up feeling under the weather and skipped out. Instead, I spent the day checking out Faschingumzug videos on YouTube and stuff. Thanks for adding to my "research!" :o)

  6. Love the photos... who cares if they're old... they're great!
    I'm sure the celebrations down there are better than the lame parade we have here in Berlin.


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