Sunday, January 11, 2009

We Survived the Great Freeze of 2009


This is our third winter here, but it's the first one that we've seen ice all the way across the Neckar! (Note everyone out for a Sunday walk! Everybody was taking photos of the ice, too!)
As a result, the water upstream from the ice was incredibly still. Beautiful!

Found this blog today; the writer says he is 49 years old and this is the first time he's seen the Neckar frozen. According to a guy quoted here, it hasn't frozen this much since 1963 - although then it was much more frozen.
The police would like to warn you that it's thin ice and neither you nor your dog should walk on it. ;)
Sadly, tomorrow the forecast shows temperatures going back above freezing during the daytime, and I guess they'll have to start getting boats back through here again soon.


  1. Well, I am glad you survived because I just barely did. Living in the Northwest for the last 8 years made me a wussy! Got any tips for surviving cold? :) BTW: your pics are beautiful!

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  3. sara of the hinterland said...

    yay! those photos are great!

  4. Yelli, wear layers and keep moving! Or stay inside. ;)

  5. Wow, the Neckar froze? Amazing.

    It's just plain ol' cold, isn't it?

  6. RE: Neckar

    It might be a confluence of cold weather and, of course, AKW Obrigheim up-stream being turned off several years ago. No more warm waters being discharged from the nuclear power plant to heat up the river.

    Also remember my school teachers in the early 70-ies making reference to the Neckar being frozen 1963 and earlier, on a regular basis.

  7. True, Obrigheim is probably to blame. Kept the river water in Heidelberg about one to two C warmer than otherwise.

    Although the Rhine in Mannheim also froze (again!), and there's the active Phillipsburg even less of a distance upstream.

  8. That's interesting about the nuke plant! Why was it shut off?

    Another blogger says the Elbe is frozen in Dresden, but not all the way across - which, like HD, apparently hasn't happened since the 60s! -

    I don't mind the cold that much; I'd love to see the Neckar frozen enough to walk or skate on. I'd learn to skate for that!

  9. CN:

    as to Obrigheim, see here:

    Why was it shut off? Because it had outlived its purpose, maybe. Because people began to feel uneasy about the industrial-nuclear complex, maybe. Because, it's all about using energy efficiently, not making it on the cheap, maybe.

    But, MAYBE, it was all about having ice floating on the Neckar again after 40+ years...:)

  10. We've had the same crazy cold here in Cologne. I'm always telling my friends in NY ..."Ah, the winter here is mild."

    That said - it looks like the winter back home has been pretty nasty.


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