Thursday, January 08, 2009


It snowed on Monday, and amazingly some of it has stuck all the way through today! This was no big deal in other places I've lived, but in Heidelberg, it really doesn't snow that often, and it sticks even less often. It's a welcome, pretty break from the otherwise brown, brown, brown Heidelberg winter.

Snow can reveal some weird things, however. There are stairs connected to our terrace which join it with all the other terraces on our side of our building. In addition to lots of bird and paw prints, there were also shoe prints in the snow. They came from upstairs, pointed onto our snowless terrace, and then went back up the stairs. Er...?


  1. I know, isn't it amazing? It's been years that we had THAT MUCH snow. hahaha

    So for how long have you lived in Heidelberg so far?

  2. The castle looks amazing in the snow. Check out the forcast for Chicago though - I wish I could hibernate.

  3. Nelly: I should post photos of some of the snow we got in Boston when we were living there...hehe.
    We've been here two years and 4 months now!

    Mary: Chicago looks bad! It's bad in Iowa too, it just snows and snows.


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