Sunday, January 04, 2009

The Music Post, 2008

I'm a little late on the Music Post this year.

Last year I shared my favorites from 2007, both German and non-German, and then threw in a retrospective of favorites from the previous ten years too. This year I think I'll stick with just my favorites which were released in 2008, as that's self-indulgent enough as it is, eh? Unfortunately I don't think I ended up with any big German favorites this year, so it's hard to keep this topical to the blog this time, except to say I guess I am mostly preferring non-German music at the moment.

The music embedding I used last year, imeem, still doesn't seem to have caught on. I didn't really want to go with youtube because they take up so much space and because I don't really care if there is video, but it seems to be something everyone is more comfortable with, so I will go with that anyway. So, disclaimer, I don't know anything about the videos and some of them are just junk to go in the background so the song can be shared. Just ignore the pictures and listen. :) The genres I give are just a general guide and/or warning if you hate particular genres.

Best of 2008!

Jukebox the Ghost (American, pop) - Under My Skin

The Presets (Australian, electronic) - Kicking & Screaming

"My People" is another good one on this album.

Animal Collective (American, pop?) - Water Curses

Passion Pit (American, pop/electronic?) - Sleepyhead

The Dodos (American, pop) - Fools

Fleet Foxes (American, folk) - Mykonos

Paavoharju (Finnish, experimental?) - Kev├Ątrumpu

Pop Levi (British, pop) - Never Never Love

Portishead (British, electronic?) - We Carry On

Daedelus (American, electronic) - Hrs:Mins:Secs

Ratatat (American, electronic?) - Imperials

Santogold (American, pop?) - L.E.S. Artistes (XXXChange Remix)

TV on the Radio (American, rock) - Golden Age

I'm not sure if this is really my favorite from the album - "Family Tree" and "Lover's Day" were also in contention - but I love the dancing cops in this video, so I went with it!

Vampire Weekend (American, pop) - The Kids Don't Stand a Chance

That's the actual recording, but I recommend watching the Blogotheque version, which is awesome (just like about everything on Blogotheque):

I couldn't get a video for any Simon Bookish - but he had a great album this year. Hercules and Love Affair's "Blind" is great, but the video is so awful I couldn't include it (I couldn't find one without the official video).

Please share some of your favorites from 2008! I'm always looking for some new stuff to listen to.


  1. Some great tunes there! I hadn't heard of any of the bands, so thanks for the introduction. I haven't had enough quality time to listen to much new music, so sadly can't recommend any new stuff myself!

  2. What a fun list!

    This year I've been listening to Matthew Santos, who does this great folkish, soulful indie rock. His entire debut album is on YouTube. I was also surprised by how much I loved She & Him's album; Sentimental Heart is probably my favorite song.

  3. Christina: If one person finds one new thing they like I'm happy. So thanks, I'm happy. :)

    K.Rae: I'll have to check out Matthew Santos! My favorite from She & Him was "I Was Made For You". :)


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