Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Mom Update

Seventh phone call: In London. Foggy. Flight delayed at least 3 hours. Cell phone doesn't work in Europe. Pay phone is costing $11 for 3 minutes. Tell her not to call anymore unless her flight number changes.

The internet is now telling me her flight won't leave London until after 6pm - that's 7pm our time. This has now effectively shaved a full day off her German vacation (and possibly some days off her life due to stress!). And did I mention it's snowing today? There's no wind, just big fat flakes covering everything. They broke the ice on the Neckar and big snow-covered chunks are floating downstream. Everyone I saw out walking today was grinning to themselves and whipping out cameras. As it so happens my mom loves snow. This would have been a great day TO VISIT THE SNOW-COVERED CASTLE WITH MY MOM HALLO AIRLINES


  1. Your poor mom! Mine would have had a heart attack from stress by now. I hope she makes it to Germany soon!

  2. ....please tell me she wasn't crying. otherwise i might die of heartbreak.


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