Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I think my mother is going to move in.

She's on her way to come visit, but I doubt after this experience she will ever want to see the inside of an airport again - so I guess she'll be stuck in Europe!

Her plan was to connect through Houston and arrive in Frankfurt at 9:15am today. Everything seemed fine - I Skyped with her a bit before she left the house. Then the phone calls began.

First phone call: Flight to Houston has been grounded for mechanical reasons. Waiting to be re-routed as they want to do the international passengers last.

Second phone call: Re-routed through Dallas. Now going to arrive in Frankfurt at 7:15am.

Third phone call: Who knows why, but re-routed through Chicago. Now going to arrive in Frankfurt at 11am.

Fourth phone call: In Chicago. Wants to know if Euros should be purchased at the airport exchange counter. I say no. Layover turns out to be five hours long, not three hours as stated when they booked her for this route.

Fifth phone call (after 1am here): Flight to Frankfurt has been mysteriously cancelled. Of course they wait until the last second. In line to be re-routed. If she can't be, then she will have to stay overnight in Chicago.

Sixth phone call (2:30am here): Re-routed through Heathrow with arrival in Frankfurt at 5pm.

Thankfully there have been no further phone calls and Flightview shows her plane over the Atlantic near Ireland. Whew. Now for the Heathrow adventure. That airport is not fun to travel through, and just recently Damon's family missed their flight from there because of the general logistical madness. I don't even know if Mom's cell phone is usable in Europe so if something goes wrong there, hope the pay phones take US currency! (And sort of doubt it!)

This will be Mom's first time out of the United States! This could mean some good guest posts, so everybody hope she'll be interested in doing some.


  1. Hey, thanks for the comment on my blog. It wasn't that bad (temp-wise) up on Königstuhl, but that's probably due in large part to the direct sunlight we were getting.

    It's good to see other Americans in Heidelberg. I actually don't think I've come across any other than the military folk we see everywhere. (And although we're included in that population, we try not to be.) You seem very knowledgeable about the area, so I plan on subscribing to your blog.

    Anyway, sorry for the long comment. I hope your mom's transition in Heathrow goes well and she makes it here safely.

  2. And her airline was USAir?

    Just a wild guess.

  3. Don't feel bad. Last time I was in Heathrow, they didn't take Euro either. I just about died trying to get to Turkey. Hopefully she makes it alive, in one piece and is willing to do it again. :)

  4. Sarah: There are some non-military Americans around but I actually don't know too many personally either! I always wonder if when I hear them on the street I should walk up and say something.... Anyway, welcome. :)

    Headbang: Initially Continental, but she got rebooked to American. I did the USAir thing before though...yuck. Another personal baddie: Delta.

    Maria: Good old Heathrow, eh? Thanks for the good wishes for her!! :D

  5. After what we went through in November, Heathrow gives me NIGHTMARES.


    poor mom is probably losing her MARBLES :(
    i wish i was there to take care of her!

  7. Hope your mom has finally arrived! That stinks that all of this happens on her first trip over...

    Love you blog... I used to live in Mannheim & would go to Heidelberg often... I miss the good ol days..


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