Monday, January 19, 2009

guest blog - germany toilettes and more...........

the toilettes in Germany - what can I say, there are pros and cons. More pros, however, such as THEY ARE THE CLEANEST RESTROOMS I HAVE EVER BEEN IN! so clean, and nice, private stalls, no chance for anyone to peek in and they are situated a good distance away from the eating areas, how nice for the people sitting next to restrooms. The only cons would be, there are not a lot of them and sometimes you have to pay, but they is definitely on the low side, since they are so impressively clean!

Sunday we went and had lunch at a German restaurant. I had steak sirloin with caramelized onions and fried potatoes and brussel sprouts, both with bacon - very American in name only! Portions and flavor were mouth-watering and the potatoes -omg! yum!!

then we were off to the castle overlooking Heidelberg. That was awesome, too, and I stood there imagining knights and damsels walking the courtyard and Kings and Queens eating large roast pig at the tables!! Our tour guide was funny, too. We took the stairs back down and stopped at a kaffee shop to warm our tummies and our hands/feet. I had a slice of cake. So far, the cakes I have had have been yummy to look at but lacking in taste. Disappointment there. So- good to look at or good to eat!? :-) I choose - good to eat!

Today (Monday) I find unacceptable changes to my flight itinerary, so it could be another interesting trip home on Thursday. I call and tell them I cannot go as they plan for me and my only other option is Frankfurt to Amsterdam to Houston to Des Moines. So, after the fear of being stranded in Amsterdam left me, I decide I would rather try that then have to spend the night in Houston, so.........


  1. Hmm. I agree with all of your statements regarding the restrooms, and yet one question plagues me still: has The Shelf come into question yet?

    Enjoy the rest of your stay, and here's hoping your trip home is easier than you fear.

  2. I hope your trip home goes better than the trip over. I too am curious about your shelf experience. :)

  3. She did have to deal with a shelf toilet because we have one right in our apartment. ;)
    I've learned that it pays to be a little indiscrete in introducing the shelf toilet to visitors. I didn't say anything in the past and one day heard a poor friend in there flushing 6-7 times. Now I let people know that a bit of TP laid on the shelf is very helpful.

  4. it's so true about the cakes looking better than they taste! i find that especially true for the "gelled fruit" ones...

  5. Ha! My biggest complaint about German bathrooms is that they are COLD. Why are they always so cold?
    Hey, I'm in HD too!

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  7. Found your blog through John & Sarah Owens' blog. So a big HELLO!! ;-)

    Schiphol airport in Amsterdam is one of the best airport you could be stranded in;-) Also I live near it and I could always give you the grand tour of Amsterdam. (for next time)


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