Friday, January 09, 2009

The Bourgeois Pig: I Hardly Knew Ye

I was really excited a couple of years ago when we found this little shop/gallery called the Bourgeois Pig* on a side street near the Heiliggeistkirche. Places like it were a dime a dozen in Chicago and Boston, but Heidelberg was really hurting for interesting shops with, well, stuff I actually had a taste for. The fact that it had a gallery which introduced us to local artists we really liked (like these two) was a super cool bonus. The other bonus was that it was so friendly. Come on, I know I'm not the only one out there with a little complex about walking into places I know are hipper than I am. But I always felt welcome there. A couple of times when we went in they mentioned there were going to be events that evening and we should stop by. Every time, I ended up getting caught up in something else that night and not making it back. I always meant to blog about them, too. Well I finally am, but...

Now it appears they are closing* and I feel like I've been taking for granted all this time that I was eventually going to make it to events there, make it to the next gallery show, use up the rest of a gift certificate I got from there. Argh! They're having a final show and a whole week of parties. I guess this is my last chance to go, but I feel a bit lame only finally showing up now. (Here comes that complex again.) And now Heidelberg is going to have a big freaking void again in the cool store/gallery department. I've been to several other galleries here too but haven't like any of the others as much. Why, Bourgeois Pig!?

I need to move to a bigger town!

*Clicker beware; something in the code on these pages kills my internet connection. (Pie Pants, have you been working with them? ;) )


  1. No, you need to find a cool shopfront and open up your own Bourgois Pig.


  2. I never even knew it was there. Man, I live here for over a year and still barely know what is going on around here... that's sad.

    I hope you will find another shop that will be interesting for you. I dont really like the german shopping miles, they are always the same so I hear you on that part.

  3. Headbang: Man, I would love to. But the closing of this one leaves me asking whether it's a viable business model in this town.

    Nelly: We just stumbled upon it one day. There's still plenty of Heidelberg we don't know very well yet either!

  4. @CN Heidelberg:
    I don't want to know of how much it would be to pay rent for a store. It is probably way to expensive as everything in Heidelberg.


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