Monday, January 26, 2009

Basel, Burg Hohenzollern, and Tuebingen

I'm a little short on time at the moment, but have a bunch of pictures from Mom's visit to share!

Basel Jan 09

We went to Basel with her on Saturday. She chose it as a foreign country excursion over Strasbourg, as they have a very nice tourism website! It was supposed to be warmer than Heidelberg there that day but was actually noticeably colder. Still, it was very pretty and the weather didn't stop all the throngs of people from taking their Saturday walks and doing their Saturday shopping!

Burg Hohenzollern Jan 09

On Wednesday, we planned a trip to Burg Hohenzollern and Tuebingen. This sounded great theoretically but somehow time ran short quickly! We rented a car as it's really the only good option for getting out to the castle, but it took us until we were all in dire need of a restroom and lunch to get there. So we had lunch and didn't drive up to the castle until afterward. Then there was a walk up to the castle from the parking lot, and the trails were closed because of ice, so we had to use the more circuitous driving path. To go inside you must follow a tour which was a little under an hour long and a bit on the expensive side. It was only in German but they gave mom an English book to read to follow along. The rooms were very ornately decorated, and not in the gross angel-fart sort of way, but nice. In the end, we didn't get to Tuebingen until just before sunset! We had a walk around there and Mom had her first Spaghetti Eis (despite the cold weather).

Tuebingen Jan 09

It was very cute, although I don't think we ever found the super student-friendly neighborhood while we were there (if there is one - it's a university town but a little on the conservative rich side, like Heidelberg). So it didn't strike us as as cool as Freiburg!

Mom's trip home was thankfully much less eventful than her trip here - not a single cancellation and only minor delays. Whew. However, the same day she flew out a friend of mine had a delay getting her connection in Frankfurt due to fog - and ended up spending a full day waiting for the next plane to Cairo. So I got to visit with her up there and finally seen the Roemerberg without a festival in the way of all the cute buildings. :)


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  2. a trip to Burg Hohenzollern

    How did you like that castle? I remember finding that place much more fulfilling than the Ludwigian castles.

    On the tour, did they make you slip on big soft slippers over your shoes to buff the floors?

  3. What lovely photos. I'm glad you all had a nice visit.

  4. Headbang: I'm sure you know what I'm talking about when I say that, too.

    Cliff: I thought it was in a very cool location and liked the decor inside; I haven't been to any of Ludwig's hangouts, though. It's from about the same period as they are right?

    Diane: Thanks :)

  5. Oh yeah, Cliff, we totally buffed the floors. I was grateful because those things actually made my feet feel ever-so-slightly warmer in the unheated rooms!


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