Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Another Mom Update

Mom's sleeping in London tonight.


  1. Wow... I am sorry to hear about your Mom's lengthy journey over the ocean. It sucks that airlines do this to people who have the least knowledge about how to work the system and deal with problems.

  2. Wowie--for a first time out of the US, this is turning into one heck of a trip. :-(

    How many unplanned stops/passport stamps does the airline think the woman needs between her original departure point and Germany??

  3. OH. NO.
    did she get a hotel? is she sleeping at the airport? ohhhhh good god, mom.... is probably FREAKING. OUT. ohhhh god.

  4. Adam: The good thing is she managed to bypass the five-mile-long rebooking line in London last night by wandering up to some side desk to ask about her luggage. The woman there took pity on her and rebooked her so she wouldn't have to wait!

    Heather: At least the UK, I guess!! She can mark London off on "places I sorta kinda visited" now!

    Sara: Luckily Stef swooped in to take mom back to her place. It's not anywhere near the airport but mom didn't have to wait in the food/hotel arrangement line then, and who knows if the airline would have covered the hotel, since the problems were due to weather. Plus mom got to see a familiar face!!

  5. No way! What an adventure. Well, at least they speak English there and she has a place to stay. I don't like to think of anyone's mom stranded somewhere in a foreign country. Really hope she gets here soon!


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