Sunday, December 28, 2008

We finally went to Regensburg!

Last weekend we finally visited Regensburg, something we've been meaning to do for a long time. Some key reasons: Regensburg is the biggest town in the Oberpfalz, the area where my family originated, it was never destroyed in the wars like most other German towns of its size, it has a well-known cathedral and is a World Heritage site, and it seems to have a lot of similarities to Heidelberg - size, river with famous bridge, not destroyed in WWII (but Heidelberg was destroyed previously and rebuilt in Baroque style, so overall Regensburg is older). Plus, we couldn't pass up a chance to hang out with the Regensbloggers, Sarah and Cliff, who just happen to be about the best hosts ever.

Regensburg Dez 08

I think the photos tell the story of our trip pretty well. Unfortunately the weather did not cooperate with us - it was just as rainy and cold as Heidelberg, so our photos are a little dreary. But, we hope they still show off how cute Regensburg is, at least a little bit. It's full of little winding streets and colorful old buildings, with the primary downside being that there are a surprising number of cars parked right in front of where you want to get a photo of a neat old house, or driving up your tail as you stroll through a pedestrian area.

On the first night, Cliff and Sarah took us to a Kurdish restuarant called Exil, which we would definitely recommend! I had a dish which included some kind of fried bread coated in a yogurt sauce, which is as delicious as it sounds, and then even more delicious than that. Another highlight was seeing swimmers carrying torches in the cold, cold Danube - see the photo album! We still are not sure what that was all about, but it was cool. (And, frankly, it looked a bit dangerous.) Being in Regensburg felt like being in another country - and in a sense, Bavaria is a land all its own. The accent was hard to understand and things were just different enough to feel a little foreign. We liked it.

I'm feeling lazy today, so here's hoping this post is free of odd typos. Coming soon: Snickerdoodles!!


  1. Great photos! I liked the stone carving with the cow/bishop guy holding a goblet and a big smile. :)

  2. Thanks for coming to visit — we're so glad you enjoyed yourselves despite the weather. After you left, the weather got better, but the atmosphere suffered a bit. :)

  3. Ryan/Scott: We had to get a photo of that guy! And then we saw another couple on their way out get a photo of it too. :D

    Cliff: Thanks for having us over! :D

    As for odd typos, I found a couple in the photo captions, including a horrific apostrophe error. I swear it doesn't happen out of ignorance. Gah.

  4. But you spelled snickerdoodles the right way, so that's all that matters. :-)

  5. Sorry we missed you! I LOVE your photos of town. I am going to link to your album from my site so my family ca see them. You have captured the city better than I ever have.

    Next time you are in town, we'll have to meet!

  6. Ian: I have priorities of course :)

    Tammy: Thanks! We really do need to come back, we came too close to Christmas to have a proper meeting o' expats.


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