Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!


Any American expat could probably identify this Christmas haul as that of a fellow expat. :) American food highlights include seven bags of chocolate chips and one bag of butterscotch chips, six bottles of Cookies Bar-B-Q Sauce and other Cookies goodies (it's from my hometown!), three bags of brown sugar (dark and golden), a bag of mini Twin Bings (from Iowa!), cereal, brownie mix, cream of tartar (should have opened that earlier for the snickerdoodles yesterday....what a shame, I'll have to make more!), corn muffin mix, Annie's mac & cheese....I could go on. Public thank you soooo much to Dad, Jean, Ali, Cathy, Jason, Sara, Nathan, Michelle, and Ma and Pa H. for all the goodies! The Scotland book represents Damon and I's gift to each other: pounds sterling for a trip to Scotland in May!


  1. Mmm, Annie's Mac & Cheese. Looks like quite a haul -- congratulations! I'm going to be doing some grocery shopping while I'm here in the States in order to stock up my German kitchen too!

  2. Frohe Weihnachten! What are snickerdoodles and will you post the recipe? :-)

  3. Wow! Quite a list!
    I'm headed back to the States tomorrow. Let's just say I'm making my list and checking it twice.

  4. Here is my shopping list, in reverse. That is HD-to-US, I do it about 3x times per year.

    Per trip,

    (1) Miracoli, 10-15 packages.

    (2) Maggi or Knoor, Fix Produkte, Bouillons, Suppen, und Salatkraeuter for a combined total of Euro 100.-;

    (3) Tabac and Speick Shaving Products and Perfumes;

    (4) 4-6 bottles of Clauer (

    As we are living in a major East Coast Metropolitan Area, I have ready access to a European bakery, German Metzgerei, and produits selection.

  5. What are snickerdoodles and will you post the recipe?

    Yes, please post the recipe!

    If I may: snickerdoodles are my favorite cookies baked by gramma.

    Think slightly squishy mounds of cinnamonny goodness. Gram's tip: keep a potato or two in the tupperware container with the snickerdoodles where you store them — as if! — to keep them from drying out. Granted, she makes like 6 dozen at a time (she's got nine kids for pete's sake).

  6. Merry Christmas! Well, actually I'm a bit late here so... Happy Boxing Day!

    : )

  7. Mandi: What do you usually stock up on? :)

    Ian: I will post the recipe soon! But half the fun is just saying "snickerdoodle"!

    Snooker: What's on your list? :)

    Anon: We are very curious about this Clauer wine now! Do you know of any stores where it's sold or do you have to get it at the winery?

    Cliff: Will post it soon!

    Michelle: And happy new year!! :D

  8. RE: Clauer Wine

    CN HD,

    get it at the winery. Take the tram towards Leimen and get off in Rohrbach-Sued (Famila Center). Afterwards it's a leisurely 30-40 min. stroll through the vineyards.

    They even have a video on their website detailing the pedestrian approach:

    Now how cool is that...


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