Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Can you substitute sunflower oil for vegetable oil?

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**Edited to add: I noticed a lot of people are coming here from google wondering if this substitution can be made. The problem noted in this post turned out to have a different reason. The answer to the question is yes, you can substitute sunflower oil for vegetable oil! We do it all the time. Enjoy!

Well, I did it in brownies before without any noticeable problems, so I thought it was okay. But, it doesn't seem to work for cookies. I know I should have just gotten the soybean oil because that's what vegetable oil usually is, but since the sunflower did okay by me in the past, I got it instead because it has lots of vitamin E, which is hard to get. As a result, I've got some really flat, sticky, ugly cookies on my hands!! Of course it could be that something else was the problem, but reading over the recipe again, I'm not sure what. Half the dough is still in a bowl in the kitchen - I don't feel like salvaging it. I think this is my biggest baking disaster to date. Argh...

Coming soon: photos from Regensburg!!

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  1. Is this the snickerdoodles where you substituted butter for shortening? That might be the real problem, not the oil - butter and shortening don't melt the same.

    And I made snickerdoodles last week too! Family tradition when I am visiting my aunt.


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