Sunday, November 30, 2008

Note to Pie Pants

Dear Pie Pants,
I really want to comment on your blog, but every time I go to it, my internet stops working (it disconnects). (Hence leaving this message here - I don't know where else to put it!) Any ideas what might be causing this? It doesn't happen with any other sites.
CN :)


  1. Holy cow! I have the power to command the internets! Hmm, I have no idea why that is happening. I have been wanting to redo my layout. Perhaps I'll redo it this weekend, and then we can see if it will work then?

  2. haha, omg...I just went to your site and it happened again! I wish I was making this up. ;) I have no idea what could cause it either!
    Anyway, until I can comment there, just wanted to say I admire your new sewing projects! :D Go you!!


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