Sunday, October 05, 2008

Kloster Maulbronn, Burg Trifels, & St. Martin!

Yesterday we had the pleasure of joining a super-cheap university-sponsored bus trip for international students to visit Kloster Maulbronn, a former monastery and UNESCO World Heritage site south of Heidelberg, and Annweiler, Burg Trifels, and St. Martin in the Pfalz! This was kind of a last-minute thing and the day was very planned out for us and very busy!

We left Heidelberg at 8am and first visited Maulbronn, where we got a tour inside the Kloster. It's very well-preserved, and the monastery building itself is surrounded by an old wall and a few cute half-timber houses.

Maulbronn Oct 08

After Maulbronn, we stopped for lunch in Annweiler, a town in the Pfaelzer Wald at the foot of the hill where Burg Trifels is located. We had time to find our own place to eat, and Damon and another friend and I ended up in a nice little cafe outside of the busiest area of town, where we enjoyed Saumagen, pizza, and Toast Hawaii, respectively. It's chestnut season now and Damon's Saumagen had chestnuts in it, and they had lots of other chestnut offerings too, including noodles made from chestnuts!

Annweiler & Burg Trifels Oct 08

We then rode up to Burg Trifels, where we had another tour and a little bit of time to look around at the beautiful view over the forest for ourselves. The castle was restored in this century and seems to get a lot of use for local events.

Afterward we continued on to the adorable little wine village of St. Martin, where someone from the local Winzergenossenschaft (vintner's collective) gave us a short tour through town, then hosted a wine tasting! This must be one of the best things to do with a crowd of people who don't all know each other well, as everyone ends up having a great time. This is the third one we've been to in Germany and they are always really memorable and fun. Wine people are always so jolly and easy to get along with, too. I really envy Diane for getting to live in Bad Duerkheim!

Sankt Martin Oct 08


  1. You gave me some ideas for travels with this post. THanks! And remember, you're welcome in Bed Durkheim anytime!

  2. Watch out, we may take you up on that! :D

  3. Awesome photos, as always...thanks for the graffiti shot!

  4. I love the mini gate - it reminds me of the animated Cinderella film with all the little holes in the wall for mice to go through. I love posting pics of funny ads, too. I would so not thought of Lila Pause that way until you said it. Too funny!

    I really want to see that museum as well. Funny that I'd never heard of some of those stereotypes. Socks with sandal..ohh yeaaaa

  5. Jen: Thanks! :)

    Yankee: But I remember a time when sandals (Birkenstocks) + socks were hip when I was in high school! It lasted a couple of years, and was known as "socks 'n' stocks" it's not just Germany! (If it's Germany at all...)


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