Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I have voted.

My absentee ballot from Massachusetts finally arrived yesterday! It is all filled in and ready to go. Two days previously my dad called me to say I'd received an absentee ballot from the state of Iowa, where I haven't voted since 1996. I used the site J recommended to check and discovered that I am still registered there, as is Damon, even though we've been voting in Massachusetts since 2000. Why haven't they taken us off the rolls? Do we have to tell them to? Isn't this an opportunity for fraud?

I can't wait until the election is over. This morning I received no fewer than 5 emails from my aunt full of brilliant stuff about how Obama is an America-hating terrorist and side-splitting jokes like, "Why are there so many more supporters at Obama's rallies than McCain's? Because McCain's supporters are at WORK!!! HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAAHHA!!!!"


  1. When folks send me those forwards, I generally take some time asking them exactly how they grade themselves on the racist scale- where they draw the line. Tends to get me dropped off those forward lists.

  2. In the words of the immortal Gilda Radner, "That's so funny I forgot to laugh".

  3. Well, the second one was kind of funny ....

    A lot of people say that Palin has been bringing in larger crowds to the McCain rallys lately, but I guess it could also be the stellar economy touching on Republican ranks.

    I heard ACORN has volunteers standing by to take in your unused or unwanted ballots, if you don't know what to do with them.

  4. G: I have corrected some of her forwards before, especially as re: separation of church and state, but they never stop coming. So, I just look at them as a window into the American undercurrent...

    Snooker: Man I haven't heard that in a while!!

    Mike: ACORN would have a great time in Iowa, seeing as how they must have zillions of voters registered who shouldn't be...

  5. I also can't wait till this thing is over! This election is really bringing out the worst in people, huh?

  6. I actually told my grandpa directly to stop sending me that crap. He got his boxers in a bunch but got over it.

  7. Hey there. I found your blog while surfing expat blogs, and I have been enjoying reading it.

    So, I was wondering, would you mind if I added you to the blogrolls on two of my blogs? You can look at them at these links, if you want:

    Again, good writing! Thanks for giving me something quality to read!

  8. Diane: Seems it always does...:/

    Maria: I asked her at one point to stop sending me "poorly-researched" emails, but maybe she didn't understand what I was trying to say.

    Antipeople: Welcome! No problem :)


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