Saturday, September 20, 2008


I was hoping for at least 10 votes, but I guess I'll take 9. Germany has won the 2nd round of our little language contest, 6-4! German winners were Kartoffel, Senf (crushing mustard 9-0!), Zimt, Knoblauch, Zitrone, and Kaffee. English winners included ginger, cloves, bean, and cumin. Thanks for playing; I guess round 3 will come around in another year and a half or so, at the current rate!

In other food-related news, check out this site! The creators have taken German packaged foods and compared the photos on the packaging with photos of the real contents. The results are not at all appetizing. I suspect that the results of such an experiment would be the same anywhere, but I have to admit, I find that the US is much better at packaged/processed foods than Germany. Of course you're not supposed to eat it no matter where you are, but if you want some, I'd go with the American stuff any day. There were several processed things I would eat now and again in the US, but here what I would go for is pretty limited.


  1. I took a look at some of those food pictures. I never really thought about it, but what a difference! Some of them are really disgusting.

  2. i am a bad sister! i didn't vote!! christopher, though, looked at these pictures and was sufficiently grossed out.

  3. what i meant to say was INsufficiently grossed out. he was all "its the same in the states!"

  4. I missed the vote. :( Stupid work...and class...and baby. LOL! I'd have voted for mostly German words though, so same result. :)


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