Thursday, August 21, 2008

Strasbourg, Take 2

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We first visited Strasbourg in December 2006, in the midst of its extremely popular Christmas market. It's an Alsatian town just inside the French border, and seems to be beloved by everyone who visits. We had a great time, although the weather ended up being terrible and it chased us in to one of the museums. This time we had better weather and more time and got to see much more of the town. See the photos!

Strasbourg Aug 08

Although the highlight is the cathedral, which looks like a huge, incredibly beautiful wall as you approach it from the crowded little streets, Strasbourg is just gorgeous all over. Tons of cute old houses, other important and interesting churches, picturesque bridges over the Ill River, and even an Art Nouveau house all decorated in an Ancient Egypt theme. In the end we topped it all off with some great food at a little restaurant right on the water. Check out the sights in the photo album!


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