Thursday, August 21, 2008


I'm about to spam my own blog with about a zillion travel posts. I'll try to keep it short...until I get to Ireland. Then I probably won't be able to shut up.

A friend of mine had a summer school thing in Leipzig, so on a Monday Damon and I rode over there to hang out and see the town. It was a chilly day, but that didn't stop the Deutsche Bahn from running the AC on our train to the point of freezing. Travel Tip: prepare for all possible temperatures if riding the Bahn. We met up with my friend and a friend of hers at the station, had lunch, then set off to see some sights, led by the friend-of-a-friend who lives in Leipzig. It was very generous of him to show us around; few things are more valuable when travelling than a local willing to share. See our photos which break down the sights we saw:

Leipzig Aug 08

After all the sightseeing, we had dinner on the Barfussgaesschen, a narrow street filled with restaurants and outdoor seating. It's so crowded you can barely walk through! This was followed up with a drink at a laundromat/bar filled with bookshelves and books. Yeah, another one of those kind of places you'll never find in a town as small as Heidelberg! Our waitress was so hard to understand - a great example of the Saxon accent, I guess. I'm not so great at picking out accents in German, but I know what I can and can't understand!

We stayed at a hostel called Central Globetrotter near the train station. I know it's just a hostel but it was kind of crappy. Hostels in Germany all cost about the same, but there is a huge range in what you get for that same price. At this one, the linens were completely threadbare and there were group showers (in the case of the men's room, they weren't even separated from the urinals). Does it really cost that much to just throw up a rod and curtain between the showers? Also, it's common at hostels but it still bugs me when there is no soap at the bathroom sink, because I never remember to bring mine in with me! The toilets weren't all that clean either.

I know it's stupid to bitch about a hostel because I paid just beans to stay there, but the next night we stayed at a hostel in Dresden and for the same price as the one in Leipzig, we got a clean room with its own sink, clean bathrooms with soap dispensers, doors on the showers, non-see-through linens, and even a place to hang up clothes (not necessary but a nice touch).

The next day we did a bit more walking around. We found a store called DDR Allerlei which had a strange mix of items for purchase. Presumably the theme is stuff that you could buy at stores in East Germany. One interesting thing was the handwriting books. I've been wondering how the cursive alphabet is taught here, as handwriting tends to look very different in continental Europe (compared to American handwriting). And we actually ended up buying a soap dish that has already survived longer than the ones we got at Woolworth. (Do not get the hard plastic ones, they crack way too easily!)

After stopping for currywurst and looking through the Coffee Museum (free!) we parted ways - Damon came back to Heidelberg and my friend and I continued on to Dresden and the Saeschsische Schweiz (Saxon Switzerland)!


  1. If a laundromat combined with a coffee bar is enough, there's one in HD near Adenauerplatz.

    Just saying. ;-)

  2. seattle used to have a "sit and spin" or something which was a coffee shop/laundromat, and they actually had live music!

    hahahhahaha BARF

  3. Kato: I've seen a laundromat over has a bar?

    Sara: I never noticed the barf thing until you said something!

  4. If you go back to Leipzig - try "hostel sleepy lion". In-room bathrooms, VERY clean, very private, reasonably quiet, huge windows, in-room lockers, right at a tram stop, five to seven minute walk from Zentrum, cafes around the corner.
    Drawbacks - wireless internet access was available but not included with the price of the room. There's no elevator - it's not too big a deal, but worth mentioning. Breakfast was not that great.
    I'd stay there again, but would forego breakfast at the hostel and get myself some cake and coffee elsewhere.


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