Sunday, August 24, 2008

Ireland, Part VI: Adare


After leaving Kilrush, we took a car ferry across the River Shannon from Killimer to Tarbert to shave time off of our trip to Adare. The alternate land route would have taken us right through Limerick city right at rush hour. We could see another big wave of rain drifting in from the mouth of the Shannon west of us. On our drive eastward to Adare, it chased us the whole way!

Adare was another town I was worried about. We picked it completely at random off a map because we didn’t know what we wanted to do after moving on from County Clare and it seemed to have a somewhat central location that would have left our options open. After getting the more detailed Ireland book we found out it was a “twee” (per the book) tourist spot. More worries about ending up in a town that’s a parody of itself!

We checked into our B&B, which was really nice! It had an additional sink in the bedroom, which really speeds up the two-person morning routine. When we got there, the proprietor offered us tea. Since we had been sitting in wet clothes since before lunch, it sounded really awesome, so we accepted and she also brought cookies! Afterward we wandered off and explored Adare, which really was super-cute, but we didn’t see many other tourists. We wandered around an old friary and only saw two other tourists the whole time, and they were leaving as we arrived. It was very pleasant – see the photos!

Adare Aug 08

As it started to get dark, we stopped in at Sean Collins’ pub and ordered drinks and a pizza, which was delivered from a restaurant down the street! It was pretty quiet when we arrived, but pretty soon a bunch of locals came in gossiping about something that had just happened in town and whether anyone else had heard anything about it. Then everyone turned their attention to a big hurling match on TV. The owner wandered over and chatted us up a few times. He said there’s been less tourism this year because of the American dollar/economy, and very helpfully recommended some places for us to try the next day, since we still hadn’t decided yet where we wanted to go. It was a very cozy place; I would definitely recommend it. When we got back to the B&B she was waiting up for us and asked us if we’d been there, so I wager it’s pretty popular.

The following morning we had a really excellent breakfast, then set off on our next adventure!


  1. I just discovered your blog. I've never been to Ireland and am currently living vicariously through you! Am looking forward to reading even more - starting from part one for Ireland. Look for me in comments!


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