Friday, August 22, 2008

Ireland, Part II: Spiddal


There wasn’t anywhere to pull over so we just kept driving to the edge of town, I frozen in a face of horror and Damon starting to giggle. There we found a lot to pull into. I got out to take a look at the damage. Luckily the rear-view mirror just popped right back into position! It had a big black mark on it that wouldn’t rub off, though. Damon thought it wasn’t bad enough damage to be a problem with the rental company. Then we headed back into town (since we’d overshot the turn for our B&B), eyeing all the parked cars for signs that we’d damaged one. Thankfully, we didn’t see a thing. Probably we had just hit another rear-view mirror and it too just folded in as they are designed to do. Whew!

We found our B&B. A family of four Germans checked in right behind us! We can’t escape the German! They were cool, though. Their kids were very cute. Damon wanted a catnap so I started to move our stuff into the closet and shower. The shower door didn’t seem to want to close after I put all our shampoo and stuff in there, so I pushed it a little harder. *CRACK.* It came right off the top hinge. I flashed back to the curtain-pull I broke last year at our Pension in Ottenhoefen. There they were forgiving. But a whole shower door!? Damon heard my big “uh-oh” and came in and figured it out somehow. We popped it back in and he did something with the Swiss Army knife and all was well. Whew. This episode ended the brief period when I could still tease him about hitting the parked car.

We explored the town a bit, which consisted of a church with graveyard, a grocery store, a beach, and a few eating/drinking establishments. Then we looked for a reasonably-priced dinner. Everything cost a damn fortune! Even the fast food at the Irish chain Supermac’s cost more than it seemed it should have. But, that’s what we ended up eating, because we didn’t come to Ireland for the food and wanted to keep our money for the gas to drive around! Guess who else was there? The German family!

Afterward, we wandered into a pub around the corner called Tigh Hughes. The bartender was a cranky older woman. We got some drinks and settled into a little side table. About 20 minutes later, the thing they say happens in Ireland sometimes actually happened – some random people who were drinking at one of the tables whipped out instruments and started playing traditional music! And no one seemed to think anything of it.

To cap off the day’s theme of minor accidents, I then knocked over my glass, which hit the floor and shattered. The musicians stopped playing and one of them whooped! The cranky bartender came over to sweep it up without a word.

Stay tuned to find out what other things we can break in Ireland.


  1. that is AWESOME about the musicians...!

    ps why you guys always gotta be breakin shit in foreign countries!?

  2. I freakin love it!! I think Uh-oh is going to end up being the motto for the trip. Travel always is full of as many Uh-ohs as Oh, Yea!!!

  3. Sara: They were awesome!

    Yankee: Haha, thankfully we reformed our klutzy ways over the next few days...or I think one of us might have fallen off a cliff or something.


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