Thursday, August 21, 2008


This one should have a big fat "FINALLY!" next to it in the title! Freiburg is not that far from here and we have always wanted to go, and it just never happened. In one particularly bad instance, we passed it up for some cuckoo-clock town in the middle of the Black Forest. That was a dark day. But, finally we made it to Freiburg!

The weather was great and the town was packed with people. And everywhere we went, they were extremely friendly by German standards! Even on the way there, we encountered niceness from a stranger when Damon was asking about antacids in a little store. They didn't sell them and a guy in line behind Damon gave him one. We ate at an Afghan restaurant for lunch and the people there were super-nice. We were looking at the church and a woman came up to us and chatted us up about the church and even tried to sneak us in a place we weren't supposed to go. (That didn't work.) At a wine fest at night, a bystander started offering all sorts of advice on the wines.

We stayed in a hostel overnight so we would have a head start on our trip to Strasbourg the next morning. It was a little strange (see the photos!) but everything was fine, even the windowed shower capsules.

Freiburg Aug 08

The most amazing thing is of course Freiburg's cathedral, which is incredibly detailed all over the outside and has beautiful stained glass windows. You should really click on the photos; it is unbelievable. The rest of the town is also super-charming, with cute little canals running everywhere, pretty old houses with adorable names and dates from the 1400s on them, and designs set into the stone in the sidewalks. It's just enough bigger than Heidelberg to start being able to support a wider variety of businesses, too. Damon's ready to move there anytime.


  1. was that pass-up of freiburg from when damon's parents were in town? i feel like i remember that story...

  2. Sara: It was; I still have no idea exactly how it happened! I think Damon just thought his parents would enjoy a rural place more. But seriously, Freiburg was better than the cuckoo-clock town!


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