Monday, July 14, 2008

What's small, cheap, flat, and German?

Any ideas?

I'm sending a tiny package to a friend. The stuff needs to fit in a flat padded envelope and of course be mailable. I'm trying to think of something particularly German, or even just particularly European, that might fit the bill. So far, some chocolate and some gluehwein spice packets have made the cut. But I'm really stumped!


  1. A foil packet of sauerkraut!

  2. At Bellobene (on Hauptstraße at Uniplatz) they have those Frühstücksbrettchen:
    They are typically German, as Frühstücksbrettchen are German, but so are some of the motives.
    That is what I gave to a friend for her birthday a year ago (also wanted to fit it into an envelope). I got her the 'Für Kicker' one as I know she loves soccer.

  3. what about a wooden Christmas ornament? the carved ones? you can usually find them for pretty cheap.

  4. I have only lived here 2 weeks now but I remember my friend got a German Christmas pyramid and she really liked it. I think they are cheap and some are small. Here is a website of what I am talking about.,7.html

    I know you said small and flat so I doubt I am helpful... :)

    Good luck and let us know what you decided! We are probably all in the same boat...

  5. I'm just back from a beach vacation so my brain is fried, but at least I can give you the helpful hint to max out the weight restrictions, i.e. 100, 500, or 1000 grams, there's no point in sending a letter that weighs 523 grams :-)

    By the way the Maxibrief International can be up to 90 cm (length + width + height) so if you're sending something a bit more fragile you can pack it in a box and still only pay 8 Euros if it's under 500 grams.

  6. Hm....spices for of those wooden boards one does 'Spätzle' with ('Spätzleschaber'), those wooden things you make x-mas cookies with ('Models' - I think it's Swiss though for those cookies called 'Springerle'...... - Viviane's idea is good!!!

  7. they used to have a shop on the Hauptstrasse called "Heidelbaer," and you could get little packets of gummi bears there, called "Heidelbaeren."

    for something quintessentially Heidelberg, get her those small chocolates, called "Heidelberger Studentenkuss." they have a nice story to go with them (if you don't know it yet, I'll leave it to you to discover - you can get them at Cafe Knoesel, which i think is in the Untere Strasse).

  8. Postcards. Definitely postcards.

  9. Or a Nougat Pocket. I'd be happy just to get one and hope a box shows up later. Mmm...

  10. Wow, I'm so glad I asked. Thanks for all the awesome ideas! And I'll definitely try to keep it just under 500 grams!
    Mike, when are you coming over to stock up on Pockets? I haven't had them in months! :(

  11. We're still working on arranging our next European excursion. I think it's mid-October, and probably Italy and San Marino (we're still collecting tiny countries). So I don't know if we're going to make it to Germany... :( But Berlin is starting to creep up the visit-list, too, so all hope is not lost yet.

    Why oh why does the dollar have to be so worthless??


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