Thursday, July 10, 2008

Three things that are pretty much awesome


Root beer floats!! We had some to celebrate the Fourth of July. The root beer came over with us in our luggage, and we have only one bottle left. Two other bottles were taken to the Eurovision party we went to, where the Europeans who were there declared that it tasted like Mundwasser: mouthwash.

Raspberries! These ones came from just down the river in Ladenburg and there wasn't a bad one in the whole bunch. They had blueberries too which looked just as good. There are some really great funny oval-shaped tomatoes at the markets now too.

My sister!! For sending me this cool Iowa shirt, the proceeds of which went to help with the floods in Iowa. (The photo isn't the greatest; it says: "Dam!!! Now there are 2 states with 10,000 lakes... Iowa Flood Relief 2008") Thanks!! Mail isn't a big part of our lives anymore like it was when we first arrived - both sending and receiving. On both ends, everyone seemed to realize the costs - there's not really any cheap way to get stuff over the ocean, and postal rates in the US have even gone up since we moved here, even though they are still cheaper than the Deutsche Post! So, it makes mail all the more special to get. :)


  1. LOL! Love the shirt (and the floats, of course).

    i thought you might enjoy the shirt <3333


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