Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Carbage In, Carbage Out

Definitely the worst, but funniest, German English mistake I've ever seen on a Powerpoint. I thought it was just a mispronunciation, but when I looked up, there it was, in big letters on the screen. Carbage in, carbage out.

Anyone else want to share some funny language mistake stories?

In other class news, today one presenter was talking about a non-cortisol skin cream and referenced its popularity in the US by making reference to the "paranoid Americans" deciding they should smear it on everything. Half the class turned around to gauge my reaction. I would have defended us, but hey, it's true. The US operates on fear.


  1. I once saw a sign in the bathroom that said "Please help us save our water supply by flushing twice."

    I scratched my head for a good five minutes trying to work out how that could be.

    It's not really bad English... I go here for that .

  2. re: bad english. i'll post that one over at my place (it's too good for a comment box, even yours :) )

    re: paranoia. aren't we just paranoid about different things? to beat the dead "draft" horse - North Americans are much less concerned about under-dressing for the weather or about taking medication or what people what head covering a person chooses. But we do get ourselves worked up about germs and butter and the use of acceptable group descriptors.

  3. Naechste: I am dense, what is up with the flushing!? Or did you never figure it out?
    I love!!

    Ann: Yours is hilarious!! Re: paranoia, each country definitely has it's own weirdnesses going. However I think American culture is overall more fear-based at the moment. Consumerism's success partly depends on making everyone fear inadequacy if they don't have/do this or that thing. When/if Germany ever reaches America's levels of consumerism, they'll have that same problem. As much as they complain about how consumerist Germany has become, they're not there yet! (Of course consumerism has positive aspects too - more variety, better opening hours of stores, better customer service. But we can't pretend there aren't some downsides.)


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