Saturday, June 07, 2008

Three Tidbits

1. Tonight's the first Heidelberger Schlossbeleuchtung of the year!

2. Ever go to get yourself some Eis (ice cream) in Germany and wonder what the green flavor Waldmeister is? Then you ask the staff, and they can't explain it, except that it's just Waldmeister? In English it's called sweet woodruff. You can also buy little jello snacks and hard candies in this flavor.

3. Bek wrote this post today that reminded me of the noon whistle in the town where I grew up! I hadn't thought about that in a while and I don't even know if my town still does it or not. A siren did one big blast every day at noon. The same whistle was used for fires and tornadoes, only it went longer for those. Wondering about them, I googled "noon whistle" and discovered that the internet is full of siren aficionados! They take videos of sirens going off, talk about siren models, where they are, and when they go off, and share the videos on YouTube. Each of the siren videos has hundreds of comments from these siren people! Who knew!? Try playing some for yourself, but turn down the volume, or your neighbors might think you're under attack.


  1. I saw one of the Schlossbeleuchtungs last year, was the first time in the 4 years total I've lived there (since 2002 with a year break in 2004-2005 and now again 2007-2008).
    And I love Waldmeister. And then there's this blue eye cream that's also quite good.

  2. I absolutely LOVE the internet!
    It has made the entire world smaller. Think about it, the siren lovers... how many of those do you think you have in one town? But with the Internet they are instantly able to congregate and talk about that very specific item in which they are the most interested.

    Every day I think about how interesting it is to read blogs by fellow expats. I see how their experience differs and how it is the same.

    What did we do before the Internet!?!

  3. I miss the Schlossbeleuchtung about every single time.

    I think the last time I saw one was around 2005, when i "accidentally" was bar-hopping with some friends in the Old Town, and we were wondering why there was police blocking us from getting closer to the Old Bridge.

    Waldmeister is some plant living in the undergrowth of the forests here.

  4. After hearing that there are places in the US with sirens, I am wondering why we don't have any. Or maybe we do and I just never heard it? That wouldn't make sense either though since we had a few tornado warnings this year.

  5. Viviane: Blue...iss that the Schlumpfeis?

    Snooker: Probably per town there are about .0002 siren enthusiasts! It's true, the internet is awesome.

    Kato: We seem to have a similar experience - yesterday we were wondering why there were candy and wurst stands around again (previous weekend it was a long shopping night). We didn't realize until we saw all the boats tying up what it was!

    Bek: What happens when there's a tornado warning for your town? Any sort of alert, or are people just expected to own a weather radio to alert themselves? Or, maybe you have a siren, and the tornadoes weren't quite close enough yet to set off your town's alarm? Sometimes our county would be considered in a warning area but it wasn't right by our town so there was no siren.

  6. It still blows at noon- guess you weren't in town at the right "time" in May. Yesterday in DSM they blew at noon just to "test". Actually they have been blowing all over Iowa this week due to the many tornado warnings. We are weary of rain, wind and humidity already!

  7. thanks for the great waldmeister info. my dad asked me in a pressured moment at the eistheke and i had to brush him off. ("i don't know. it's herby. order something else.")

    i will pass it along - by email - ahh the internet. :)

  8. Oh I hate I missed it!! I heard it comes July?

  9. coopnep: I keep reading about flooding! Not good! Hope it lets up soon!

    annonamoose: Cool, glad to help! :D

    Diane: Yes, there are two more! They are on this schedule:

  10. Hi! After more calls to ATT than I care to remember, I finally have internet at home. I really enjoyed reading the posts that I missed.

  11. awww, the Schlossbeleuchtung! we snuck past the police and slid down the banks near the river on the side opposite the castle to watch the show. during the Schlossbeleuchtung and New Year's, i get homesick and watch shots of the goings-on on the Heidelberg Webcam here:

  12. the ice cream at the gelatto place right at the beginning of the old bridge is the best - that square (Haymarkt?) is lovely in the summer. you can watch dozens of people getting married at the Rathaus there too!

  13. I'll counter that opinion of best gelato place with the "Capri" in Brückenstraße, Neuenheim ;-)

  14. I just saw your reply. I think that it is, yeah. I think different places call it different names

  15. I am german and live in amerika 10 years in the deep south alabama.
    I am from frankfurt am main wenn I was young the green ice was actally pistacio but may be now its waldmeister.Waldmeister they make it from the Maykraut which has an instinktive taste and grows in the forest. Youall look it up under maikraut in yahoo deutschland. bye for now


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