Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Poll #2

Please participate in these two polls! It's anonymous (and if you want to leave comments, you can make them anonymously also). Thanks!!


  1. I am no longer living abroad, so I did not vote, but the reason I am back in the US is work related. I prefer Europe, and I would live there forever if I could, but my work is in the US...for now.

  2. I just returned to the U.S. from a 2+ year stay in Germany (Heidelberg :)). Our return was with mixed emotions but generally I'll say that I'm happy to be back. The main reason being language. I think that if I could speak the language and be self-sufficient and actively particpate in the community then I would have been very sad to leave. But my German skills were crap, so life was isolating and lonely. And I'm kind of self-conscious so even though people could speak to me in English I felt bad about it so I just generally became a quiet/shy person. Not good. So it's nice to back where I can be myself again and feel connected to the world.

    Enjoy the summer for me! I LOVED summertime over there!!


  3. Since I am not an American I didn't vote. Reasons for me staying though are work for both of us. Also the language aspect - it's so much easier for me here than for my hubby in Austria.

  4. Thanks to everyone who has responded to the two polls so far! If your answer is "other" or "some aspect of culture", care to explain? I know I didn't come close to covering all the possible reasons in the poll - I thought of another big possibility yesterday that I missed in the poll - vacation time!

    Maria & Bek: I think that people who have had to make the decision to move or not move back are qualified to respond to the poll. :)

    Jen: Even with mediocre German skill it's hard to feel completely involved....but I think it depends on the person's comfort level. Some just aren't going to feel a part of the team until they're totally fluent. Some are totally fine with just getting by!

  5. I really prefer it here in Europe, being close to my family is not even a pull anymore. If I lived more than a couple hours from them in the US (which would be likely), I'd probably see them less than I do now anyways.

  6. I would only go back for the PERFECT job, which I won't get because I am not a Harvard MBA.



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