Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Poll #1



  1. Again, I didn't vote, but urban sprawl, current policies and politics, and the isolated nature of most of the country. Also, I find the whole who has the biggest house, keeping up with the Joneses aspect rather appalling...not to mention the whole "life is a race" aspect of American culture.

  2. I agree with Maria, the whole materialism thing is a huge turn-off for me. I also can't deal with the culture of fear in the US. Every time I watch the NBC evening news here on CNBC, I am completely freaked out! I must have had a lot of stress that I didn't notice before I moved here.

  3. I chose "other". It means "all of the above".

    There's a nastiness and mistrust that's crept into American life that I simply can't stomach. Americans judge and condemn each other too much.

    You're judged especially harshly if you opt out of the whole "life is a race" aspect of life.

  4. Culture - With exception, Americans are generally cold and closed. Indifferent. Boring. In Latin America, people take a deeper interest in you, guys can act like your best friend in a few hours and women can fall in love after a few days.



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