Thursday, June 26, 2008

Dear US Embassy,

8 comments was so worth it to not be hiding in my apartment during the game last night.

Also, everybody is making fun of you right now. This is just the small sampling I had the patience to find.

Hope to hear from you again on Sunday for more laughs,
CN Heidelberg


  1. Eh, it was just their way of covering their ass.
    IF anything happened, then they could say "We told you so"!

  2. Totally! It was totally fear-mongering...and in the end, what's a few horn honks? Go GERMANY! (Now that Turkey is out :-))

  3. I've been feeling unloved because I don#t get the e-mails:(

    We went to Kreuzberg for the last game with Turkey to enjoy the community feel- there's no sense of uneasiness, really.

  4. It's a standard DoD and DoS Anti-Terrorism policy to avoid riots and demonstrations, if possible. Anytime there is a scheduled demonstration or large public gathering, notification is always distributed. During 2006, there were notifications issued during the World Cup, just in case an oblivious employee didn't know.

    I think much of the blogosphere is over-reacting. Relax, Francis.

  5. Snooker/Jimmy: Yeah, but I saw way more rioting in Boston with sports events there. No one tried to warn people not to go out there, lest they get shot in the eye with a riot-control gun and die...(it happened)...Is it supposed to just be common sense in the US that you don't party in the streets after a sports victory?

    G: I don't get them either, I just saw it all over the internet.

    Also, Jimmy: I'm dying to know where that usage of Francis comes from!! I had a coworker who used to say that too. What is it from?

  6. From Ivan Reitman's _Stripes_

    "The name's Francis Soyer.

    But everybody calls me Psycho.

    Any of you guys call me Francis,
    and I'll kill you.

    You just made the list, buddy.

    And I don't like nobody touching my stuff!

    So just keep your meat hooks off.

    If I catch any of you guys in my stuff, I'll kill you.

    Also, I don't like nobody touching me.

    Now, any of you homos...

    ...touch me, and I'll kill you."

    "Lighten up, Francis"

  7. It took me all of 5 seconds to forward that email to some of my German friends and boyfriend. Told them I would have to sit this one out! For that game I was in Basel where the actual game was taking place...imagine what could have happened there! ;-)

  8. Gee, I forgot they even published those things ... I had a friend who used to send them to me until I finally told him to deal with the fact that the there was a large target painted on our broad american backsides whether we liked it or not and that the beer and company was far better downtown.


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