Saturday, June 28, 2008

Green German spider?

I was in Lidl today and carrying around some carrots and bananas when I discovered a light green spider on my arm! Yikes! I must have looked like an idiot tossing all my stuff down so I could brush it off right away. But, the point - what the heck was it? I have never seen a green spider before. Could it really have been a local outdoor spider and followed me into the store from outside? Are there green spiders in this part of Europe? Or could it have ridden in on the bananas I was carrying?


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  2. That was probably a female Grüne Huschspinne. Pretty widespread around here.

    There aren't any green spiders outside Europe at all as far as i know.

  3. Speaking of green things... Have you seen the green parrots in Heidelberg? I lived there for 2+ years and on my last night in town before moving back to the U.S> around dusk over by the Stadtwerke building there were tons of these parrots flying around in the trees squawking away. Tons of them! They were so exoctic looking and out of place but really cool. Have you seen them? I googled it and it appears that like they migrated up to cental Europe at some point and are not considered a local bird. Hope you catch em some time!


  4. Yikes - sorry I didn't spell check that before publishing!


  5. We have little light green spiders around here...not that I think one of ours ended up in Germany. Probably gets too cold for ours there.

    Okay, being a librarian...I had to go do some research. Our green spiders are Green Lynx Spiders (see Yours might have been one of these or one of these

  6. i'd still say Micrommata virescens.

    they're _extremely_ common around here, especially now in summer, when temperature hunkers around the mid 90s.

  7. Kato/Dru: Thanks for your research :) It definitely had a very round body but the legs looked more brown to me. Of course I might have damaged it a bit when I brushed it off my arm. My husband thought it was shaped like a tick, but there was some web on me so I am pretty sure it was a spider.

    Jen: We lived in Neuenheimer Feld for a couple of months when we first got here, and that's where they lived! We heard them every day - it sounded like a jungle!

  8. hello,

    i found your blog and i see you are interested in healthy eating in germany, and i hope you can help me.

    i am relatively new to living in germany, and just returned this week from a blissful 5 weeks in america. the first thing i've noticed is that when i go to the grocery store for vegetables and fruit, i run into problems.

    i bought two types of lettuce. when i opened one, it was completely rotten. i threw it in the trash. but even worse, while chopping the other lettuce (after washing) i chopped an enormous black insect larvae in half. it spewed slime all over my cutting board. i threw the cutting board in the trash, and put the cocoon in a ziplock bag in case it turns into something despite being chopped in two.

    i bought fresh beets, delighted to find them finally, and after 2 days, they're blue with mold.

    that does it. i'm thoroughly at a loss about what to do about produce in germany. it's either bad, or full of worms or insects.

    i'm in NRW, in Wuppertal, and we have a few shops nearby: lidl, aldi, rewe, and azcenta. this time it was rewe produce that was the problem (i alwasy avoid the "bio" section at rewe, too many flies hovering around the produce.)

    can you offer advice? i'm terrified of insects, and i'm bringing them home in the food. if you'd like to email me, i'm at eli_barnett at hotmail.

  9. Beth: Things do tend to go bad more quickly in German houses/apartments because they aren't as well-ventilated and tend to be more moist inside (conducive to stuff going bad) so definitely keep things in the fridge if you are having this problem. Also, just try to use things right away and go to the store more often. If you have one of these tiny German fridges you're probably already having to do this anyway, though!! In my experience the produce doesn't seem to be so great at most stores. After more experience with the stores in your area you'll start to figure out if there are any you can count on; but your best bet is probably going to be the market (in the summer anyway) so try that. Probably you'll still find bugs now and again though, I think that's just the nature of produce :/ Overall though I think the most important thing is to use the stuff quickly! Good luck!!


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