Friday, June 13, 2008

Best Eis in Heidelberg?

The comments for my last post took a new turn recently with discussion of the best Eis (ice cream/gelato) in Heidelberg. That is some seriously useful information, so I'd like anyone who has a favorite to post it here!

I've probably mentioned it before, but I think the best Eis in Heidelberg is at Cafe Venezia, which is inside that little mall at the Bismarckplatz. Sometimes they have a little cart with just a few flavors along the Hauptstrasse too. They have both good Eis and good cones. My absolute favorite is the Nutella, which has little crunchy bits and some extra chocolate on it - but some of the fruit ones are also awesome.

Actually, Eis recommendations for other towns are also very welcome. We all need to hit up the Eis place now and again at this time of year!


  1. So when I make the next lighting of the Schloss, I'll be sure to check it out.

  2. I agree I love their ice cream too. But there's another place that's a little past Uniplatz when you walk towards Kornmarkt, and they sometimes have chocolate chili ice cream which is amazing!


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