Monday, June 02, 2008

An Augsburg/Ulm Quickie

This weekend we took a quick day trip to Augsburg and Ulm on the super-cheap, courtesy of the university and a student friend who could invite us along on the trip! The trip included a bus ride over there, quick tours through the towns, and the ride back.

Augsburg May 08

The guide informed us that although Augsburg lies in the state of Bayern (Bavaria) it doesn't identify as Bayerisch, as Muenchen does, but rather as Schwaebisch - much like Nuernburg identifies as Frankish even though it also lies in Bayern. Augsburg has a Renaissance-style town hall which is supposedly of some importance and a really great 1000-year old cathedral with the oldest stained glass windows in the world. Check out the photos!

Ulm May 08

We spent a bit less time in Ulm than in Augsburg, which was lucky because we just missed some serious rain. Ulm's gothic cathedral boasts the world's highest church tower! Its exterior is extremely detailed and impressive, whereas Augsburg's cathedral was more impressive on the interior. We also stopped by the town hall, which is covered in intricate details and paintings, then had a few minutes of free time. In our free time we ran into a little town festival going on, where we had an unfortunate run-in with a local, who told us that all the seats at his empty table were taken, then mumbled that we couldn't understand him anyway. (Obviously we did.) Despite my urge to go back and argue once I realized what happened, I figured if a riot started, all of Ulm might be on his side, so I better not. I had a strong urge to go home and listen to some immigrant punk, and started to look at everyone from Ulm as a potential jerk. I guess this demonstrates the power that one bad remark can make when you are serving as a representative of your town or country. I didn't know anything about Ulm's people, and he was the only contact I had - and overwhelmingly an ass. Luckily, a friendly art store owner later helped us find our way back to our bus and completely redeemed the city. Thanks, art guy!

Check out the photos!
And here's the immigrant punk.


  1. Sorry the dude was an ass. I was in Ulm for a week during a high school trip to Germany and loved it there. My host family still lives there, and they made it a trip to remember!

  2. From another ass. I see I'm monitored.
    Grumpy old fart.

  3. Maria: It was a pretty town and as we drove out it looked like there was a lot we missed since we had to be in and out on such a tight schedule! (I kind of dislike these quickie tours for that reason...but, it did give me the opportunity to see Ulm at all!)

    Anon: We're all monitored, aren't we? ;)


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