Saturday, May 24, 2008

Reminder: Eurovision tonight!

The Eurovision final is tonight! It's at 9pm, according to the hostess of the mini Eurovision party I'll be going to tonight to watch!

To help you gear up, here are links to my two Eurovision posts from last year's final:
Comments on the show
Selected videos of the entries

And, I was pretty interested to see that this year's contest includes a song that I actually have already voluntarily listened to because I like it. Whoa!! Here's the video of that one! It just so happens to come from France, who I voted for last year. France, I know I've always turned a skeptical eye towards you, but I hope you can forgive me. I might love you after all.


    that is the best eurovision song i have ever heard. i am downloading it RIGHT NOW.

  2. I too watched Eurovision last night! It was a bad as I remembered it from when I was a kid. Greece brought out its own version of Brittney Spears, and the singer from the Ukraine must have given Sweden her dress for her performance. The voting process seems really unfair because people voted for their neighboring country. So people from Croatia would vote for Serbia, Bosnia and Albania or something similar. Or the Scandinavian countries would all vote for each other.

  3. Wandering Tex: Yay!!

    Oberursel: There were a lot of those horrible fringy little dresses this year! I don't get all fussed about the voting, though. It's all fun. :)


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