Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Cassis, Marseille, and Lyon

Catching up on life after being away four out of the last five weeks is quite the task! We spent a week in France, spending three nights in Cassis, a few hours in Marseille, and three nights in Lyon. Damon had a meeting in Cassis, and we added Lyon on just to check it out.

I unfortunately don't have the time at the moment to write very much about the trip, but did manage to get some photos uploaded and captioned with a bit of information, so check them out! For now it will have to suffice to say that the trip was very nice, and my feelings toward France have certainly gone from neutral to positive!

Cassis May 08

Cassis is a small vacation town on the Mediterranean, near Marseille. The area is full of cliffs and inlets and the water is incredibly blue! Avoid the boat trips out to the Calanques (inlets) if you have any tendencies toward motion sickness - or don't want to get soaked!

Marseille May 08

We were only very briefly here as a pit stop between Cassis and Lyon. It left a good impression - very colorful and diverse. I would love to go back sometime to look around more!

Lyon May 08

I would recommend Lyon to anyone who thinks the French are rude because they had a bad experience in Paris. It was so relaxed and friendly. Everyone we met was helpful and the city is smaller, but still full of interesting neighborhoods, churches, old secret tunnels, and Roman ruins. It's prettier than Paris, too. If I spoke French I would definitely add it to my want-to-live-there list! The only problem was that Damon either lost his wallet or was pickpocketed. :/ It was not that crowded so pickpocketing doesn't seem likely, but it's hard to be sure. Either way, we haven't seen it again and lost a lot of cash. We're really hurting after all this travel, so aside from a small day trip this weekend, I think we may be done doing anything for a while!


  1. Fabulous pictures! It was cold and grey here in Chicago today, and I'm just about ready to head for the Riviera myself now!

  2. I'm sorry:(. Lyons is one of those places (like Naples, Rome and Berlin) that are known for their pickpockets. I just saw a special on pickpockets here in Berlin that mentioned those cities (among others, mainly Italian).

  3. Jen: Hey, it's sunny in Germany too if you want to stop by! :D

    G: It is annoying because we have been in crowds in all those #1 pickpocketing cities like Rome, Prague, Paris and never had a problem, but then on an almost empty street in Lyon he is pickpocketed? (We have the loss of the wallet down to a very small window/area.) ALTHOUGH, we did go into a very tiny, very crowded fabric store during this window. Who would think you'd get pickpocketed in a closet-like fabric store, of all places? But if it happened, it almost had to be in there. The name of the store is Lydo Tissus, in case anyone wants to be warned... I suppose it's even possible it was stolen by employees there while they threw zillions of fabric swatches at my husband to hold...sounds like a good way to get at his wallet!! There weren't many people in there, it was just small. Sadly I did make a purchase there too, and now I think I shouldn't have, maybe if we said we couldn't pay now, his wallet would have mysteriously turned up.

  4. I wish I lived in Germany still so I could make "quick" trips to other countries like that...

  5. Deutlich: Well, I wouldn't say it was quick - it took us 9 hours to get from Lyon to Heidelberg by train! But it's certainly more viable than if we lived in the States!


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