Monday, April 14, 2008

I love those hard little colored marshmallows...

Man, I am seriously craving some Lucky Charms all of a sudden. I'm so eating those when I go to the States (Friday!).

Thinking about cravings though - I get them really often for a non-pregnant person - it is harder to satisfy them here than it was at previous points in my life. If I had a hankering at this hour for Lucky Charms during my time living in Ames, I could have just gone over to Hy-Vee and gotten some. In Boston it would have been a little more trouble, but I could have gotten them if the local convenience store happened to stock them. It would definitely still be open. But here, nothing's open at this hour, so even if Lucky Charms were available (I don't think they are) here I wouldn't be able to do anything about my craving! Not until morning anyway - but there's a decent chance that it will have passed by then.

Maybe this helps explain the skinny Germans. :)


  1. have you started a list of things to eat/buy once you get here?!

  2. Not really. :( I'm too busy with this derned paper that's due the day I leave!!! Is there anything you want me to bring back for you?

  3. I finished my last box of Lucky Charms last month and I do miss them. the lack of immediate gratification (or any at all) is why I am starting to do more baking).

    Can I ask- would you mind sharing the code for your tag cloud? If you have the chance, could you email me at bigappletobigbear(at)

    Do you see how when you get a gmail address in Europe it isn't gmail? Interesting lawsuit going on resulting in that.

  4. G: I think I got the code for the tag cloud from here:

    I actually don't remember for sure where...but I think that one is it!! I definitely didn't write it myself. ;)

  5. What about the commissary? Since you live in Heidelberg it shouldn't be a problem to get in touch with serving Americans deployed to Heidelberg. They can sign you in and take you to the commissary over at PHV. There you should be able to get anything and everything you miss. :)


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