Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Four percent less hated than last year

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According to this article, world opinion of the influence of the United States is four percent more positive than it was in a similar survey last year. Also check out this article (though it shows slightly different results for some reason).

Per the article, in the countries surveyed, 32 percent of respondents have a positive view of the United States, compared to 28 percent a year ago. Apparently people have a little bit of hope that things will turn around after the election, and are giving us slightly more love as a result. Prior to this, opinions of the US were on a steady decline for three years.

How positively are the influences of various countries viewed?

Pakistan 18% positive
Israel 19% positive
Iran 20% positive
North Korea 23% positive
US 32% positive
Russia 35% positive
India 42% positive
Brazil 44% positive
China 47% positive
Great Britain 50% positive
Germany 56% positive - the most positively viewed country in the entire survey

Places where more than 50% of respondents have positive views of the US: Kenya, The Philippines (my friend always swears that the US is actually liked in the Philippines, and I finally believe her), Israel, Nigeria, Ghana, and the Philippines.

Who hates the US the most?
Seventy-three percent of Turks and Egyptians view the US negatively, and 72% of Germans. You read that right - right here in Germany there are more people who actively dislike the US than in nearly every other country surveyed.

The full PDF report is here.

I don't know why the numbers are differing from the three different sources. (Media being crappy today?) Most of the numbers I quote come from the Yahoo article because I found it first. Some come from the BBC article.


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