Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Back in Isolation

Today, at the US post office in Des Moines, Iowa:

The woman behind me walks up to the counter with a package. The nice mail lady looks at the address and asks:

"So, is Korea the country name, or is Seoul the country name?"


  1. I'm sorry you had to experience that.

    I'm sorry you may have felt like you needed to explain experiences like that to Europeans — the worst is when they bring them to up to you (as if you weren't aware of the ignorance they encountered on their trip to the Grand Canyon, and needed to be informed so you could take appropriate correction measures).

    I'm also sorry for any shame in feeling ashamed of your countrymen you might feel.

    There's a lot of sorry being projected from me to you right now.

    Whoops, my bad.

  2. Wow....

    I'll admit that I wasn't surprised when Armenia stumped the postal clerks in Guadalajara.

  3. Oooo. That's bad. Real bad. I cringe for you...and me...and all enlightened, non-bubble living Americans.

  4. Iowa... Iowa... is that on the coast?

  5. A few weeks ago a German guy asked me what part of Canada Maryland was in, if that makes you feel any better. :)

  6. It can't be that isolated if someone is mailing a package to Seoul!

  7. Cliff: You from the West Coast? ;)

    TQE: Armenia is at least slightly less widely-known than Korea.

    Maria: I cringed, too. Then I thought maybe the bubble has some advantages, heh...I guess I can romanticize it from here.

    Ian: The coast of the Mississippi. ;)

    Jones: I'll let that guy go, since knowing states is at a higher level of difficulty than knowing countries and capital cities!

    Mary: I can always count on you to make a brilliant point! :)


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