Sunday, March 02, 2008

Thanks Dad! Plus a contest...

I'd like to thank my awesome Dad, whose generous Christmas present is helping us fund our next trip. Thanks Dad!!

We know we will hit at least two cities on this trip, and are aiming to run through a third as well, all within less than a week. I'll send a yet-to-be-determined prize to anyone who can guess the three cities. One guess per person, please. :) Here are some vague hints: All three cities are in Europe, none of them are in Germany, and neither of us has been to any of them yet. Our itinerary is as follows: Overnight train to city 1, 2 nights in city 1, day trip through city 2 on our way to city 3, two nights in city 3, and an overnight train back to Heidelberg.


  1. a) far too vague! do you know how many cities there are in europe?!
    b) your comments page is in german now and it's really not easy! i keep trying to leave comments but i forget which link means "leave comment" and i keep losing my comments cuz i THINK i've posted them but i haven't!

  2. a. Well it has to be three cities that are pretty close together, if we're going to be stopping at one as a day trip between the other two, all by train. And the fact that we are taking a train there overnight eliminates a few places that we couldn't get to that quickly by train, or that we couldn't get to by train at all. Here's one more hint though: ALL THREE ARE IN DIFFERENT COUNTRIES.

    b. It hasn't always been in German? I haven't changed anything recently. That is really strange.

    i promise i am NOT going crazy, it's been in german since i got back from germany and NOW IT IS IN ENGLISH. w. tf.

    okay i'll bust out a map.

  4. I don't know where my picks went, but it was brussels and amsterdam and torino. it's wrong, i know lol.

  5. dammnit, i was going to guess luxemburg brussels and amsterdam but you've already been to luxemberg haven't you. i give up. i can't win the prize. :/

  6. Sara: Don't worry, you're not losing it...after you said something I changed it to English. It had been set to German since I started the blog, though, so I don't know what happened just recently to make it a problem.

    You guys might get the prize anyway, just for guessing. :) It's a good guess. I would love to do an Amsterdam - Rotterdam - Brussels trip too, but that's not what we're doing this time around.

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  8. oh, wait, 3 different countries. Change Salzburg to Prague.


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