Saturday, March 15, 2008



Okay, it's not really a flood, but the Neckar is really high today! I just took this photo a little bit ago along the north side of the river. The Old Bridge even looks a little out of proportion with the water so high. (I didn't get a good photo of that, can sort of see it here in the distance.) Normally there's a stone path between the wall and those trees. You can see other passersby checking it out, too. I guess it rained a lot somewhere...


  1. whoooaaaaaaa that IS really high! and i can tell cuz i was THERE!

  2. Funny, I noticed the same with the Rhein and Mosel today.

  3. Current depth is 2.71 meters for the Neckar in Heidelberg.

    Gotta love the city gov for giving some good info there:

    2.00m : regular (maintained) depth.
    2.60m : all shipping stopped.
    2.90m : city flood information/management is manned (Level 1)
    3.50m : city flood management manned (Level 2)
    3.55m : B37 under Old Bridge is flooded
    4.25m : B37 under the other bridge is flooded
    5.00m : Neckarstaden is flooded
    5.80m : Schlierbach is receiving floods

    Highest so far was 6.61m in 1993.
    I remember that one, that was fun - they had pedestrian bridges setup throughout the streets in the Old Town, which were flooded about everywhere north of the Hauptstra├če.

    Most houses in that part of the Old Town have pumps in their basements permanently installed btw, just for the yearly floods.

  4. Woa, that's cray-zay! I'm glad I found my way here; especially because I'm in the midst of quite the "do I stay or do I go" quagmire, and reading your post about the very same subject proved a nice salve. Thanks for reading and writing!

  5. Oh man...I haven't seen the Neckar near us lately...perhaps I should take a look.

  6. Well, it was already flooding quite a bit in some places in Mannheim last week - but that's quite a bit lower anyway.

    Neckarwiese is probably still quite a bit smaller than it was.

    Current level now in HD is 2.52m, only 20 hours after that 2.72m reading.

  7. Nice pic. High water is an amazing sight to see. I've seen quite a bit of that growing up near the Missouri and Mississippi rivers.

  8. Sara: Did we walk on that path with you? I can't remember!

    J: Augh, the rivers are all rising against us! ;)

    Kato: Interesting flood list there! I noticed by Monday morning everything looked back to normal.

    Katie: I think we all get mired in this decision at some point - good luck with yours! I think I'll be stuck on mine for a while. :/

    Cowgirl: In Stuttgart is the land so low to the Neckar? When I first came to Heidelberg I was surprised at how low to the Neckar that path in the photo was. It doesn't leave much room for rising and falling of the river.

    Gardner: Missouri AND Mississippi! Are you Iowan???


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