Saturday, March 01, 2008

Batten down the hatches!!

Whoooaa! I should pay more attention to the weather report so that when a crazy storm wakes me up at 8am, I don't get worried that we're under attack! It's so windy here there's a constant rushing noise and little whitecaps on the Neckar!

Heh, cool!


  1. I agree! It's hang-on-to-your-hair windy here too. We've had sheets of rain also.

  2. It woke me right up... I had no idea it was coming: heavy rain, what looked like snow, wind, and thunder... all at 7:20.

    It seems quite quiet now.

  3. I slept through the whole thing. My host family was quite astonished. :D


  4. I woke up a couple of times because the wind gusts were so strong here. It was raining cats, dogs and bratwursts here.

  5. The storm was quite a disappointment here. It started out promising, but the skies were clear and the air was still by mid-afternoon. I skipped a meetup because of the storm. Darnit!

  6. Just the regular spring storm i'd say...

    actually rather mild in my opinion.

  7. It quieted down by late morning here too.

    Kato, the thing is that there just aren't that many storms here, compared to what I am used to, at all! So I get really excited (because I like them) when there is one! Especially coming after the long, mild, Heidelberg winter.

  8. We're still listing to the whoosh of wind... it's kind of cool. Plus it keeps me indoors tackling chores between catching up on blog reading.

    So it's not all bad...


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