Sunday, February 10, 2008

I'll never catch up!

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I have more than a full notebook page scribbled with tiny notes about things to put in my blog. Right now, I feel that I will never catch up and write all of these blogs! My sister took off in the wee hours of Saturday morning, and I spent the weekend doing laundry and dishes, sorting all the little ticket stubs and assorted bits from our traveling, doing general cleaning, going through photos from the trips to put online, and doing some general fretting about Monday morning. This week I go back to class for the first time in months and have a wicked case of what one of my favorite music bloggers refers to as the Sunday night heebs. I'm not sure what I dread most - the alarm going off well before 6am, the frantic bike ride to the train station because missing the train is just not an option, hoping I don't snore if I fall asleep on the train, the drag of trying to pay attention to lecture after lecture from 9am to 5pm, or the fidgety wait for the train that will take me back to Heidelberg. Thank God there are other Heidelberger taking the course - the whole process would be nearly unbearable without some friends with whom to share the experience!

As you can see from my sister's posts we had a great time over the last two weeks, and I hope to soon have up some photos and my observations about the places we visited! Bis dann!

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  1. har har! sunday night heebs! i love it. and i love that blogger's post about it, that's awesome.


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